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Big Reactors Grid Control

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Yeah I did notice the water level was well lower than the midway line, but even when manually cranked it still keeps up production fine.  Would it be possible to loosen that restriction in the script?  Anything I could/should edit?

Edit: Yep, recalibrated to 27.7 B/t again.  I guess I need the safety check relaxed if BRGC is to be of much use for my setup... Or is there something I can change?  Is the internal capacity set or variable based on design?

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There is no particular safety check in place - it's just that the system itself stops working properly at some point. There is code in place to mitigate some of it but unfortunately it's something that's nothing I can easily fix.

The internal capacity is based on the reactors size but caps out at 50B. What you could do is build a second reactor and BRGC is gonna split the load.

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I mean it's got to be something to due with either BRGC or OpenOS.  When I shut down BRGC and manually change rod insertion on the reactor it can provide steam to all the turbines fine.  It gets low on water due to the storage limit as you said, but at never runs out or fails to pump out enough steam properly.

For now what I've been doing when I want to leave it in "charge" mode (my goal is to reach 1% full on my energy core), is to turn the reactor "off" in BRGC so it doesn't mess with it, then manually turn the reactor on and adjust the rods to output 32B/t.  This is hardly ideal since it bypasses most of the point of using BRGC, but at least I still have the pretty GUI to show me stats and it'll work fine for my needs later once I go back off charge mode.  Here's what it looks like.  The water and steam levels don't fluctuate.

Oh, I nearly forgot.  Thank you for the quick responses, the help, and for making the script in the first place :)

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Hello @XyFreak,

I am struggling with something seemingly simple with my installation of BRGC v.4.3.2 on OpenComputers v.; the modpack is a customised FTB Infinity Evolved v3.1.0. The program works fine in the sense that it controls my reactor and turbine (although turbine calibration took over 24 hours and used several stacks of Yellorium). However, brgc_gui does not refresh the screen unless I click something. By this I mean that I have to right-click the Screen™, then click somewhere on the GUI (could be anywhere; a tab, a button, or just anywhere) for it to update the statistics and values on screen. I can leave it for hours and it will still happily announce that my energy storage is at 98.13% when really it might be at 50%, or even less, or more if it has just run a Charge cycle. Once I open the Screen and click something, it updates immediately. This is very annoying to me, as I am using this program mostly for aesthetic reasons, and if I didn't want a cool GUI showing the status of my nuclear power plant, I would just control it with some simple ProjectRed logic. 

These are the specifications of my setup:

  • One reactor producing about 1950mb\t
  • One turbine consuming all this steam
  • An OpenComputer with a large Screen connected to it:
    • Tier 3 Computer Case
    • Default BIOS
    • Accelerated Processing Unit (Tier 2)
    • 2 x Memory Tier 2
    • 1 x Hard Disk Drive Tier 1
    • Internet Card
    • 5 x 3 Screen Tier 2
  • The server is a 24GB VPS I have rented for the sole purpose of hosting my FTB server, though it is also temporarily hosting a regular MC (v.1.12.2) at this time.

Could the lack of a discrete GPU be responsible? Let me know if you need any further information, but I have tried my best to supply everything my programmer's mind could think of that might be relevant.

Also, do you have a Git repository that I could have a gander at? I have limited Lua experience, but a good grasp of programming overall, and Lua is significantly easier to read and understand than, say, Perl 5.

Yours truly, 


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@stealth95l Well it's just blindly dividing by 0 so... *cough* woops. 0 would be wrong btw - it should propably display "---" or maybe "not connected".

@bjonnfesk You have OpenOS 1.7.4, which is bugged - you'll need to update OpenComputers or use the OpenOS updater. This has been discussed here quite a bit.

BRGC is not on a public git repo because I never wrote a "build script" so I just checked in the entire OpenOS installation *cough* and use my package builder to build and upload the different libs and packages from the running installation *cough*.

( I should get that cold checked  ;) )

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The grid controller drains your energy storage until it's below 20% and then carges it until it's 95% full. It does so by tweaking energy production to be just shy of what you are actually consuming for discharging and just a bit more when charging.

The assumption here is that for charging, less production is more efficient overall, and keeping your energy storage filled for longer improves responses to sudden power surges.

Note that it will always drive your components at their peak efficiency, unless you have passive reactors in your system and are requesting more energy than you can efficiently produce.

Meaning: Turbines will always run at peak efficiency or are halted. Reactors SHOULD always run at peak efficiency except when you just need more power.

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When I run brgc I get an unexplainable error message on the reactor bar. It starts calibrating very briefly but immediately turns into an error. I have updated my OS to 1.7.5 and have reinstalled the pc completely multiple times but nothing seems to work... Anyone have an idea? (direwolf20 1.12 modpack)


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First of al, very great program, using it for almost a week on my server without any issues, but would you think of any way to split your program over multiple monitors, that you display on one the detailed state of your reactor, and on the other the overview of turbines, running it twice hooked up to multiple displayed wasn´t working very well. Would be a great addition. Otherwise perfect program for my usage

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