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  1. OK so, I've edited the file and rebooted the server. Now the computer screen update itself like it used to do and all the linked turbines (24 of 32) were calibrated correctly with the exception of 3 of them. One if spinning up and down on a target speed of 750 RPM (it reach the "stable" state around 720~ RPM, and then rise again to around 760~ RPM and then goes in fast spindown until it become stable again) and two that are still in kickoff state with a target speed of 750 RPM but with the flow rate set the 0 mB/t. All 3 turbines have more than 2000 mB of steam in their internal tank
  2. @XyFreak I'll modify the file and let you know. Is this linked to the fact thet the computer screen don't refresh itself anymore?
  3. Your guess is correct. So far I've only connected the 4 reactors (by connecting only them in the beginning to let them calibrate) and 2 groups of 8 turbines. And the ball of power
  4. Sure, super easy I'm running the same old 32 blocks of Ludicrite coils with 80 blades to use the full 2000 mB of steam. 32 Turbines driven by 4 reactors (8 Turbines per Reactor). All feeding power into one Draconic' giant ball of power
  5. Me again, as a player this time around Would it be possible to add scrolling support to the Combined/Reactors/Turbines tabs? I could not see all my turbines lol Also, do you let turbines run free and go on "error" condition on purpose?
  6. Got it, thank you. Yeah, that's what I assume the players will do with the power taps
  7. @XyFreak: hi there. Could you tell me if you make any assumption about how an actively cooled Reactor shares the available hot fluid between all the connected (output) coolant ports? Also, you may already noticed it, in the last release of a couple of days ago, I've changed a bit the way power is distribuited to the power taps of a Reactor or Turbine. Now the amount of available power is split equally between the power taps, then they try to send out their share to whatever is connected to them. Any leftover power is left in the internal buffer of the multiblock
  8. Hi there. What exactly happend? I have code in place to convert blocks in existing chunk so your Yellorite Ores should be still there
  9. Thank you. So there is something else that keep holding that lock. I may have to make copies of all those tables before scheduling them on the server thread uhm
  10. @XyFreak I've got a question on your usage of the setControlRodsLevels method. Are you re-using the table you pass in after calling the method? I'm investigating a crash (https://github.com/ZeroNoRyouki/BigReactors/issues/178) that look like a race condition between a LUA thread (running your code?) and the Server thread running the code of setControlRodsLevels.
  11. @Will135: thank you! @Draaven: could you send me a log of the crash using a nopaste service please? Are you in single player too?
  12. Yes that would be fine. Are you playing on a server or on a single player world?
  13. When does this happen? Do you leave the reactor alone to do it's things (with or without BRGC running) and then suddenly it happens or do you do something to the Reactor (in the GUI, to the structures, around it, etc)? Could you send me the complete FML log using a nopaste service please?
  14. @Will135: was the Reactor assembled at the time of the the crash? Or did you just broke some block of it or added one in to complete the multiblock?
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