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The thread about bragging and special thingers

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Let's start with a bit of history, shall we? A long, long time ago, in an internet far, far away, I was asked to add a little something to OpenComputers. This little something was supposed to be a kind of reward. For what? Why, a gloriously glorious competition, a battle to the death, an unprecedented spectacle of epic proportions, rivaled merely by the occassional drama so fanatically craved by the Minecraft community. I sat down. I started thinking. I had a drink, did some more thinking. Then, a brilliant idea. Alas, it was a horribly uninteresting and boring idea, so I scrapped it. In fact, it was so boring, I even forgot what it was (totallynotcapes).

However! Another idea was born, and behold, it was beautiful. And cute. Some might even use the term "adorable" to describe it. Once implemented, the hurdles of which are a different story, for a different day, I awaited the return of the master of the tournament. A month passed, then another. About half a year had gone by when he was seen again, only to disappear onto another secret mission. Information was scarce, cynicism started to spread like wildfire. Was it a hoax? Was there a point to this?

Yet, unlikely as it was, another half year later, he reappeared, out of a cloud of smoke. Or something like that. Promises were made, channels were created, hype trains were set in motion. Very jerky, heavily obstructed motion. I'm not sure you could really call it "motion", come to think of it... anyway! As I was saying, things were happening. One way or another. A date was found, participants were to be had. The date passed, someone did something, someone else said "oh, but it was supposed to be next weekend", everyone else was like "yeah, right", and noone really seemed to care anymore. In fact, said master of the tournament hasn't been seen since, to the best of my knowledge, nor the single participant - and therefore unchallenged winner (if you read this, tell me your ingame name, Wobbo).

So where does this leave us, and why did I tell you this, and what the heck is this thread all about? Well. After all of the above, I'm now left with them special thingers, not really knowing what to do with them, how to decide on whom to give them to. All of that while being repeatedly asked where one can get them. Or demands to get one. Possibly involving threats by means of Scala code ported to Java. So this is what this thread is for. You can get one, now! Maybe. Possibly. If I like you. Or, at an attempt to be somewhat more objective, if you developed a not utterly obscure addon for OpenComputers. Or contributed to OpenComputers in a non-trivial way (no, robot names do not count).

The short of it is, this thread shall serve two purposes: it allows addon developers to pitch their mod in the most fabulous of ways, in a central place people can be directed towards, and it allows superior beings to get a special thinger. And it may also be a bit of a motivator for modders to make an addon / finish their projects.

Finally, here's the rules:

  • The first rule of... this thread: the special thingers must be referred to as special thingers in this thread. Prepare to have your post edited if you slip.
  • Do not post unless it's to request a special thinger. Off-topic posts will be hidden/deleted at our discretion.
  • When requesting, explain why you think you deserve your special thinger ™. Put some effort into your post.
  • If you made an addon, give a short sales-pitch of it, and ideally prove that it's not just a tiny tweak-mod that only you and your two imaginary flamingo friends use, for example via Curse download numbers.
  • If you contributed to OpenComputers in some other way, explain how, what it did for OpenComputers, and why you think that that's worthy of a sh- special thinger ™.
  • Tell me what color you want. Ideally as three floats, used for the color multiplication, but if I lost you there, an RGB value is fine, too.
  • Tell me your Minecraft name. Since this will go into a publically readable file on Github, you have to be OK with it being exposed.

Let the shameless advertising begin!

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I want a Special Thinger ™!


Author of OpenPrinter, and OpenLights with 600+ and 200+ downloads respectively. http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/225127-openprinter and http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/225225-openlights, I also contributed a bit to the IRC program :P

OpenPrinter adds Text printers and scanners to the game, and OpenLights adds a colorable light block.


I guess for color 255 0 0 (assuming that's Red :P

IGN is MichiyoRavencroft


Thanks, looking forward to my Special Thinger ™ ;)

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Okay, here we are:
I'm currently maintaing Computronics, a mod made by asie that adds ComputerCraft/OpenComputers integration to a lot of mods (15 to 20, can't remember) and adds a whole bunch of more or less interesting new blocks and items for those mods, especially OpenComputers. If you ever wanted to play your own music to other people using in-game tape drives, wanted to create your own highly secure money system using RSA codes, wanted to automate an entire Railcraft rail network using computers, this is a mod you might like. As far as I know, it's currently one of the largest OC addons out there.


Regarding contributions to OpenComputers, well,

All those programs are built into OC now, but

  • I also created the Song API which allows you to play whole songs using only the computers' beep sounds or, alternatively, the Computronics Beep Card. This API, among many, many other programs, can be found on
  • OpenPrograms, an open place on the Internet I made where everyone may upload their OpenComputers programs to, think of it as a more organized and more permanent version of pastebin dumps, with the additional benefit of Version Control. For this place I also created
  • OPPM, the OpenPrograms Package Manager, a nice program found on an OpenComputers loot disk which allows you to easily download and update those programs you find on OpenPrograms, but also some programs not found on there. It is designed to be as light as possible and currently fits into 17 kilobytes. Everyone may contribute to the packages it publicly provides, but it also allows local package registration.
  • Obviously I created a few other OpenPrograms programs as well, like a very light BigReactors reactor control program.


This should be enough for now. Requesting special thinger™ No. (0.18, 0.95, 0.922). IGN is Vexatos (shocking, I know). Thank you very much.


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I would like a Special Thinger™ as well.


IGN is StoneNomad, requested color is 205 197 191: seashell 3 according to http://cloford.com/resources/colours/500col.htm

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I am Sandra, author of OpenAutomation, originally a pure OC addon, now a mod that adds lasers (with a tiny little bit of OC integration), and hoping to add even more OC integration in the future. It is sadly quite an underused mod, according to my goo.gl statistics it has had 68 visits, and has very little use or expansion outside of a tiny community. Hopefully, it could grow to be further used by more people, the lack of usage is due to people not knowing about it as far as I know, it's quite interesting personally.


Anyway, enough sales pitching. I wouldn't mind a nice Special Thinger™ to celebrate my humble achievements, as I am not really in any circles and haven't been active in the MC community in quite some time.


It's perfectly okay if you don't think I'm acceptable, as you know, I'm just a lowly dev who noone knows and am nothing like the other people here. I have not really contributed to OpenComputers in many ways, but if I'm online I will always help anyone in need via IRC or issue trackers, or whatever.


My IGN is TheSandromatic, and 153,84,196 is the color I would ask for.

Thanks, and I'm looking forward to a possible Special Thinger™.

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I, Kodos (Ingame name as well), hereby request a special thinger on account of the following:


1: I'm awesome.

2: I help out a TON in IRC when people come in asking for help with things. If I'm awake enough to, and know what they're asking, I usually make it a point to help them as much as I can, because I used to be that nub who didn't know how to do a table or didn't know the difference between write and print, so I like giving the same support I had and keeping up the spirit of niceness that #oc has been known for.

3: Did I mention how awesome I am? 

4: Also I write random programs and share them with people. Some have even been integrated into addon mods such as OpenPrinter's xerox.lua, and (Hopefully soon) OpenSecurity's Security Door control program.


Requested color is 255, 255, 255 because clinical white is kind of my thing :3

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Is this still a thing? :>

Would love to have a special thinger with purple light (float) 0.8156, 0, 1 (ingame name: ben_mkiv)

my oc projects are actually 3 addon mods that have ~10k downloads

* OCDevices which adds tilt/rotateable flatscreens, new decorative computer cases and a external card dock (source on github)

* OpenEntity a mod that allows to attach computers to any mob/minecart/player in the world (source will be released on github when its out of alpha stage)

* OpenGlasses2 which is a revamp/fork of marcin212's OpenGlasses with new features (source on github)


also contributed a bit to OpenSecurity 1.12.2, and im around in #oc on irc/discord to help and bug people from time to time :P 

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