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  1. I am Sandra, author of OpenAutomation, originally a pure OC addon, now a mod that adds lasers (with a tiny little bit of OC integration), and hoping to add even more OC integration in the future. It is sadly quite an underused mod, according to my goo.gl statistics it has had 68 visits, and has very little use or expansion outside of a tiny community. Hopefully, it could grow to be further used by more people, the lack of usage is due to people not knowing about it as far as I know, it's quite interesting personally. Anyway, enough sales pitching. I wouldn't mind a nice Special Thinger™ to celebrate my humble achievements, as I am not really in any circles and haven't been active in the MC community in quite some time. It's perfectly okay if you don't think I'm acceptable, as you know, I'm just a lowly dev who noone knows and am nothing like the other people here. I have not really contributed to OpenComputers in many ways, but if I'm online I will always help anyone in need via IRC or issue trackers, or whatever. My IGN is TheSandromatic, and 153,84,196 is the color I would ask for. Thanks, and I'm looking forward to a possible Special Thinger™.
  2. I'm pretty sure the analyzer works with all component blocks. At least, it works with mine without any effort at all.
  3. OpenAutomation is an addon to OC, with the goal of allowing all things ever to be automated with computers. This is only a secondary forum thread, my main thread is over here. Because people here like it, here is the github for the project.
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