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Request and read from a HTTPS website


So i started messing about with the internet card, i can get onto google just fine as long as i use http with port 80. But when i try to use anything with a https and port 443 i can't get anything. I keep getting an invalid port or url address. Im pretty sure my address is right but i think my port might be wrong

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Yes, that's right. internet.open creates a TCP socket. They are useful when you need to communicate with a non-HTTP server (you probably know things like SSH, FTP -- those are all non-HTTP protocols).

But when you want to send a request to an HTTP server, you need to use internet.request. It's a nice wrapper for component.internet.request that allows to interate over the response body. Like this:

local inet = require("internet")

local response = inet.request("https://google.com")
local body = ""
for chunk in response do
  body = body .. chunk


Chunk is a small piece of response, one, maybe a few (I can't remember) kilobytes in size, or even empty. If a connection problem occurs, an error is thrown.

No one forbids you to use sockets to connect to an HTTP server. I do that in my simple http library. But that is slow and requires a TLS library with many dependencies when you want to use HTTPS. It can be useful (you can set the request method and control exactly what happens during the connection), although I recommend to use internet.request.

And, finally, internet.request supports HTTP and HTTPS.

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What did you run? Was it require("internet").request("https://google.com:443"), or require("internet").connect("https://google.com:443"), or require("component").internet.request("https://google.com:443"), or require("component").internet.connect("https://google.com:443"), or what?

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On 6/22/2017 at 3:23 PM, Xylem said:

This is the snippet of code i used

internet = require("interenet")

body = internet.open("https://www.google.com", 443)



You misspelled internet as "interenet" It's rather funny, but it breaks your code

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