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  1. io.read() is a blocking operation so io.read() must complete before it checks if it is still running.
  2. Require computes paths by converting periods to slashes. Instead use "/home/core" From what the error spat out it may still not work, but adding .lua certainly isn't helping.
  3. What's the bluescreen error and how are you running the script?
  4. Port 443 is assumed for HTTPS and port 80 is assumed for HTTP and should not be required.
  5. As mentioned, I abandoned it a while ago, but I managed to save a local copy of the repo and re-uploaded it here. Please note: The wrapper was in the process of gaining write ability when it was abandoned. Furthermore the wrapper is designed for data while the boot loader uses a executable format and are not compatible. Don't forget you can pull request the repo with any additions .
  6. You can find a unmanaged booting EEPROM here however it's not fully adapted outside of it's original use so poke around maybe even modify it (I'd recommend removing the managed boot feature.) I'd also offer up a wrapper I made but a while ago I scrapped a large portion of it and never patched it.
  7. Make sure you installed OpenOS via the floppy disk.
  8. Ensure you installed some form of software onto the server's harddrive.
  9. Pros of Processing on Client: -Easier file access Pros of Processing on Server: -More Secure -Faster -No harder file access Oh and as for you analogy, MC processes on the server too. You send a keypress to the server and the SERVER breaks the block depending on if it wants you to. This can be seen under high-lag circumstances with the block reappearing (server didn't acknowledge) also command blocks and redstone all server sided.
  10. Try redownloading the mod. It's very unlikely but could have been a download error. Also if you didn't modify the config file delete that as well. P.S. yes we're not aliens it's supposed to be readable
  11. All libraries that are required by "require" are generally part of OpenOS meaning if you're using an eeprom... good luck. Also component.primary or component.filesystem are not native. They are part of OpenOS. BIOS don't have libraries thus it doesn't have require. What they do have is components. Everything plopped into your computer is a component, including that disk drive. OpenOS is not special it is something you can make from hand using what is given to you. Also "require" is not much more than loading and executing a file.
  12. "file" is a buffer, just like a buffered input file but not actually a file. Also BIOS is designed to be absolute minimum. A lot of things have been taken out as a result. How would the bios know what screen to print to?
  13. I'd recommend posting the source onto Github. I for one am interested in seeing this implemented.
  14. Didn't show us the contents of the disk so I have to assume it doesn't contain the init.lua file.
  15. Probably handle the port with the open/shut message as you do the other, keeping all ports needed open at once. For example if you receive a correct password set lights to "open" and when both computers report closed set the light to "closed"
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