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  1. The most efficient way that I know of would probably be double buffering. (The reason for that being the fact that direct GPU calls like set or setForeground take a certain amount of time depending on the tier and a good double buffering API has an algorithm that minimizes the amount of GPU calls) On the other hand I don't know if that's actually necessary for a text editor.
  2. Looks nice dude! This might get useful to me when I try to make my own OS. P.S. It's nice to see users from CC on here
  3. I'm not interested in reading up posts which consist of passive-aggressive comments from the person that created the thread as you seemed not to appreciate the help of others and just cry and complain constantly. Yes I know but the way I understood your tears that I skimmed over I thought you didn't like the fact that the library he gave you only has one buffer and you thought it was a "bug" at first that you had to reboot or something like that. What? The comment you quoted doesn't really clear up or negate what I've said. My comment you've quoted is basically the answer for your quote. Anyway, you don't seem like a person someone can talk to normally. You don't seem to appreciate help from others other than using a solution but still crying about something and answering other posts that don't fit your expectations with passive-aggressive comments so I'm done with you. I recommend you not to post anything on this forum if you plan on being stubborn.
  4. OC's way of limiting GPU calls, making pixel-by-pixel drawing incredibly slow, is actually kind-of realistic. (it's only more extreme to compensate for good server performance) One way, which was already suggested, is to buffer every pixel and only draw the changes. Additionally to that you'd have to create some sort of algorithm, which groups pixels together to reduce GPU calls. Soo that is the general idea of some sort of double buffered graphics library for OC. I know how you're feeling and I didn't read every comment here but it seems like you've overreacted a bit. Anyway, if you're interested in a double buffering library that allows you to create multiple buffers, I've created one a day ago with a very simple "algorithm" to group the pixels together. (Although I DO NOT only draw the changes; I might add that if I have the motivation for it.) Click here my dude You "require" this library and create a buffer with lib.createBuffer(xpos, ypos, width, height) which returns the buffer (table) containing some methods. Almost all of the drawing methods are called the same like from the GPU component api, although I did not add any documentation which means you'll have to look through the code yourself if you don't understand something. To draw the buffer call buffer.draw(). Be aware that this is not really optimized and I didn't test resizing the buffers (but the methods are there). The RAM usage for a 160x50 buffer is actually acceptable (I think it was 134k free of 194k on a freshly booted OpenOS computer with 2x3.5 Memory) and it draws pretty fast although I did not test very complex images (I should've done that beforehand lol). (Sorry if I jumped into this conversation too late) EDIT: I might also add that if you plan on creating a window-based desktop environment and you see that the windows don't follow your mouse as fast as you drag them, it is not the fault of slow drawing (at least if you have a good double buffering library), instead it's the fact that the computer doesn't process events as fast as CC but maybe you already know that.
  5. I tried to translate it into german, but fucked the script up. I think i translated the wrong values/strings.
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