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Ta©ti Tac0Z

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  1. Ta©ti Tac0Z

    Webhook / POST request

    you're welcome
  2. Ta©ti Tac0Z

    Webhook / POST request

    yes but you have to have a key value you cannot do {p} php (the api) will think you're trying to have the key 1 as a number php can't do that and will ignorre the post data EDIT: am not too sure what the problem is
  3. Ta©ti Tac0Z

    Webhook / POST request

    am not sure what you mean? {p = player} is one value? it should work?
  4. Ta©ti Tac0Z

    Webhook / POST request

    so i made a little test php script on my website: http://test.noahtg.com/postTest.php you can try to do this: internet.request("http://test.noahtg.com/postTest.php", {p = "steve"}) that should give you (amoung some html code) a list of all post data that got transfered sysesfully
  5. Ta©ti Tac0Z

    Webhook / POST request

    So You should be abble to have a single value in side the table i whould try to create a test php script to test if the value goes frow it chould be the website You trying to use that is broken. EDIT: am working on a php script for you...
  6. Ta©ti Tac0Z

    Change Text Size

    Ummm You do know that CC is still updated and such right i do understand Why one whould Think that tho Your Welcome
  7. Ta©ti Tac0Z

    Change Text Size

    well am not too sure what to explain? poeple have made big letter apis witch will create letters useing box charectors. nerver used it my self but if you want to have bigger letters and if you don't want to change the resolution then that maybe the fix? i know (even more ) pixylated charectors may look bad but its that or resulotion change there is no other way
  8. Ta©ti Tac0Z

    Change Text Size

    yes you cannot change the font size but you can use a big letter api but i know thats not what you want
  9. Ta©ti Tac0Z

    sound card problems

    some body? please? Fingercomp?
  10. Ta©ti Tac0Z

    sound card problems

    (useing comutrionics sound card) so = require("component").sound for i = 1,5 do if i == 5 then i = -1 end so.clear() so.setWave(1,i) so.delay(1000) so.process() os.sleep(1.1) end this little program plays all the defrend wave modes but the problem is it sems to play some at the same time (yes you heard me in the end it plays noise and sqaure and sine and triangle at the same time) why is this? there is a os.sleep(1.1) to sleep before playing a new one? so why is it doing that? EDIT: before you ask i have a: for i = 1,8 do so.close(i) end to make sure that all channels is closed before the program plays (and so.open(1) is executed right after ofcurse)
  11. Ta©ti Tac0Z

    piano notes and frequensys table for lua

    i made a java script witch will create a lua table with all piano notes and freqensys from a html table: http://packages.noahtg.com/pianoNotesArray.php i was trying to find a table with this infomation but chouldn't find it thats why i made a script that chould make it for me
  12. Ta©ti Tac0Z

    Guide to the Sound Card

    i found out my self i made a javascript that will create a lua table form a html table: http://packages.noahtg.com/pianoNotesArray.php
  13. Ta©ti Tac0Z

    Guide to the Sound Card

    forget it i hoped there was like a single wave mode
  14. Ta©ti Tac0Z

    Guide to the Sound Card

    do you know if some body as made a table or at least a list of all (or at least some) piano notes by fregensy? becuse i don't want to go like notes = { {"#A1", some-freg}, {"A1", some-freg}, ... --EDIT: this will most liky be better: notes = { "#A1" = some-freg, "A1" = some-freg ... thats gona take forever
  15. Ta©ti Tac0Z

    Guide to the Sound Card

    the 2# song that sounded got was exeraly a violin and it was a "fake" violin so to speak meaning that the music was made by a midi to mp3 arguritem. thats most likey why it sounds decent becuse it isn't as complicated then if a musision had played it yeah you see the: was first proccest by some pcm converter from the 1991 it made the song 3 times as long as it should so thats broken thats why it played score.pcm not score.wav as in the secount actemnt. i used time seaching for a pcm converter becuse i miss inderstond what you said in your github thread the: was the one who worked it was what i said a file who was: midi then mp3 then finaly a wav with the qulaty set to 8000 hz insted of 24000 hz the last one: is the one who started sounding bad its a "fake" piano melody (also midi) but belive it or not but i can hear a little of the song in 0:04. anyway so you say that there is not enough sinusoids (channels) to form the sound and that we can't just add infined about of channels at some point the computer whould be too slow or comutronics whould get enough and start playing wriedly or what you said: so there is programs that can make some thing called midi-piano and that is a much more simpere then actuel piano so if i feeded that in your program whould that make any positive resoluts?

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