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  1. also treads doesn't create an critical error in the main scope so a great way to run a thread in terms of debuging is by printing the error on the screen and start a blocking function such as computer.beep() funciton runThreadWithExelentDebuging(func) thread.create(function() local syc, e = xpcall(func, debug.traceback) if syc == false then //syc is false this means an error was genrated in func require("term").clear() print(e) require("computer").beep(500,10) //calling computer.beep to avoid other threads or the main scope to redraw the screen
  2. the function xpcall should give you a traceback witch will tell you what line the error is genratet usage: syc, e = xpcall(functionToRun, debug.traceback) --[[ syc: true or false: where false means that there was an error e: a full error message i.e: line bla-bla-bla: bad argument bla-bla-bla traceback: at line bla-bla-bla in function bla-bla-bla ... ]]
  3. neocromicon your version of openos is outdates, as well as you version of opencomputers, you'll have to get the new version of opencomputers sence the 'threading' functionality is not in the version you are useing. EDIT: i didn't see spacebeeGameing answering
  4. Well i have made just that the link is in my signature (The link is bellow)
  5. I belive it is from gymnopéde no. 1 if thats what You mean?
  6. local h = require("internet").open("", 25444) h:setTimeout(1000) os.sleep(2) h:write("login (password removed - actuel password should be here)") h:flush() while true do pcall(function() print(h:read(1000)) end) os.sleep(1) end h:close() nothing ever happens sems that the read request just timesout evrey time. acording to the wiki: "The read method on the returned buffer is blocking. Read will wait until some data is available to be read" but there are data there is the start RconRocket message in the start and poeple writeing in chat. so what is going on her
  7. OHHH WOW ok so i tryed it out: local h = require("component").internet.connect("", 25444) while true do print("trying to connect...") if h.finishConnect() then break end os.sleep() end h.write("login rfdfhasjdahl") h.write("login fdsfhjdhfks") os.sleep(1) print(h.read(10000)) h:close() so amasing this program prints out: "RconRocket V2.4.8.0" (what my irl rcon client allways starts with) but it sems that the handle does not have a flush function when useing the internet apis open function the read function just timesout
  8. well this as been a problem all along there sems no way to really fix it. and its too much work for modulators and administratorers to constantly tell poeple to remeber to mark it as the soloution.
  9. yeah i do recall the wiki saying some thing about TCP. acording to wikipedia: TCP stands for the 'Transmission Control Protocol'. surfing a little bit more on the internet indicates that TCP is more of a wide spred term. (sems to be a category more that a actuel thing it self - where TCP is described as the component that let other types of internet protocals work) so what does TCP include? what is posible with the TCP part of the internet card?
  10. We all know that the internet card Can be used to commulicate with a server running a website (aka: the HTTP protocal) but what other (so called) 'networking protocals' can opencompiters use? am generly just asking to hear what other things i chould do on the internet useing opencomputers
  11. BETA version 1.6 changelog: -added the CMD program window: a loot like the windows CMD and the openos shell COMEING UP: -finish the app store window KNOWEN bug: -CMD prints out a syntask error when reporting a error made by other programs or click on the 'update OS' button in tactiOS settings window if you have a older version of tactiOS i'll happyly resive feedback and suggestions
  12. BETA VERSION 1.5 changelog: -fixed unesesary 'os.sleep(1)' in 'fileExplore' Window -added and finished the fileEditor Window, now fully works (requested by Elektron72) COMEING UP: -finish the app store window to download the new version: or click on the 'update OS' button in tactiOS settings window if you have a older version of tactiOS i'll happyly resive feedback and suggestions
  13. BETA VERSION 1.4 changelog: -fixed MASIVE keyboard input lag -comeing even closer to finish the file editor (save new file, load and open is still not working but all other functions sems to be working - am sorry for not being done with the file editor for long time ago altho am really happy as how it turned out now i'll finish it as soon as i can) two download this new version: or click on the 'update OS' button in tactiOS settings window if you have a older version of tactiOS
  14. BETA version 1.3 changelog: -made maximasied windows more clean looking -build in program 'file editor' has been added (altho its not done yet) (currenly only openable in the 'file explore' program current knowen bugs: -windows some times refuses to listen to control inputs (close button, maximise button, etc) sems to be when a lot of windows is open at the same time -windows doesn't get focused as they should while minimising and unminimising i'll happyly resive feedback and suggestions
  15. thanks! a text editor is the next thing on the list
  16. BETA version 1.2 changelog: -added a digigal clock in the process line witch will contact my web server to get time evrey 2 min (currencly useing "Europe/Berlin" timezone - will be changeable in the future) -some installer changes and fixes technical infomation: as said the OS will update the time and date evrey 120 sec altho the clock is going but just localy (meaning that if you pause the game the clock will go out of sync until it updates) there is currectly a beep sound on update mainly for debuging will be removed in next version to download the new ve
  17. FIRST OPEN BETA: the first open beta can now be downloaded by running the following commands in the openOS terminal: first command: wget http://packages.noahtg.com/tactiOS/0.1/installOrUpdateOS.lua /installOrUpdateOS.lua -f and then secount: /installOrUpdateOS.lua (remeber to install openOS to a hard drive if you haven't)
  18. ohhh btw computer.beep is not a yihlding function BUT it is a blocking function meaning that evreying thing will be blocked and stoped while its beeping (why computer.beep is a little useless some times)
  19. the thread api is really simple but really power full a simple exaple chould be the following: local thread = require("thread") local event = require("event") local keyb = require("keyboard") local computer = require("computer") thread.create(function()--creating the thread while true do--beeping loop local e,_,_,key = event.pull("key_down") --this is a timple while loop witch will beep evreying time you press on enter if keyb.keys.enter == key then computer.beep() end end end) print([[as you can see after this print function we have a print(
  20. yes but you have to have a key value you cannot do {p} php (the api) will think you're trying to have the key 1 as a number php can't do that and will ignorre the post data EDIT: am not too sure what the problem is
  21. am not sure what you mean? {p = player} is one value? it should work?
  22. so i made a little test php script on my website: http://test.noahtg.com/postTest.php you can try to do this: internet.request("http://test.noahtg.com/postTest.php", {p = "steve"}) that should give you (amoung some html code) a list of all post data that got transfered sysesfully
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