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  1. noahthegame

    does thread's interrupt

    guys? why no repley
  2. noahthegame

    does thread's interrupt

    Thanks guys for helping me it's just so nice and yes the background beeping is inoring and was just and exaple and yes i know that my englich is bad (but thank You two to not commend one it ) so i know that i Can do like this forexaple: function smartThread (fun, printError) --printError: for debug Return thread.create( function() While true do s,r = xpcall(fun, debug.traceback) --make sure that a error don''t kill the thread If s == false and printError then Print("debug: error in thread: \n"..r) -- print a error if a error was detected and printError is true End End --if fails then just run it again end): detach()-- hmm detach or don't detach... i Don't know... does not matter end smartThread([place beeps here], true) and again iPad i am srry but i don't like the thread to start from the begining evrey time i click ctrl alt c. So is this univiodeple? and just one more questien: so when i click on ctrl alt c the computer send a stop evrey thing You are doing event and the os.sleep function get that event and gets a error thats cool i never understood it before now thanks
  3. noahthegame

    does thread's interrupt

    th = thread.create( function() While true do Os.sleep(1) Computer.beep() end end ): detach() code clean up on computer
  4. noahthegame

    does thread's interrupt

    Ok, so when i ansert your questien for sone hours ago the time was like 6 in the morning So i forgot to write my exaple code so here it is: And this is on my iPad so please understand that this is't easy: th = thread.create( function() While true do Os.sleep(1) Computer.beep() end end ): detach() that's it now remember to see the detach function Now the thing is that is makeing the beep Sound and out side the program but when i type ctrl alt c then it's stops so how to get it to ignore ctrl alt c
  5. noahthegame

    does thread's interrupt

    i updatet the post to explain what i mean sry to not explain it
  6. noahthegame

    does thread's interrupt

    after some testing it look like yes thread does interrupt so how to prevent it please
  7. noahthegame

    does thread's interrupt

    my life started when i learned to use thread's and my life was completed when i learned the thread handles "detach" function but there is just one thing: does threads interrupt or not, and i there do then i will like to learn how to provent that help will be great --please EDIT: interupt: when a program or a thread is geting a error runed by the keys: CTRL, ALT, C ( sry that i did't explain this better )
  8. noahthegame

    OpenComputers 1.7 Released!

    hi Lizzy Trickster for week ago i posted a isuge i had when the function require("serialization").serialize( <table> ) givet the error: too long whenout yelding it look's like this a error that can be fixed it's just that there is not eny os.sleep / yields in the function happens evry time that i will serilalize a big table what i am trying to say is that a guy said that this is up to fix but when will that be? said by: payonel " I am happy to review the serialization code in openos, but not with a repro with your speciifc use case Note that the serialization library has been optimization since our last official release. Please retest with a latest dev build from: http://ci.cil.li/ for example: 1.7.10: http://ci.cil.li/job/OpenComputers-dev-MC1.7.10/ 1.10: http://ci.cil.li/job/OpenComputers-dev-MC1.10/" (forum post: url: https://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/1448-too-long-without-yielding-in-the-serialization-lib/) so what i hear here is that it works in the DEV build and after this is before version 1.7 then it should be in 1.7 right???
  9. noahthegame

    [1.12] OC Sensors

    make it so it can detect entetys (exp: player, mobs, items) then i sold
  10. noahthegame

    too long without yielding in the serialization lib!

    so if i use the new version then it will work?
  11. noahthegame

    too long without yielding in the serialization lib!

    hmm yes admin but it does not sound like a bug when you thing about how lua and yielding works the issus is that it takes so long time to serialize my table, And that makes lua output a too long without yielding error
  12. noahthegame

    too long without yielding in the serialization lib!

    yes but i don't know where the best place is to place it do you?
  13. hallo i am working on a lib that can load a image, take screen shoots, and record the screen and play it after! at more then 20 fps but there is a issue the serialization's function serialize is trying to trun a super huge table in to a text(file) and becuse of that, the computer is giveing me a too long without yielding error NOTE: i do know what that means what ind the name of gud can i do about that please some one i tryed this with 1 fps and the table was never being to big and now with 10 fps. oh guys this is working it's just how lua works that makes the issue
  14. noahthegame

    thread question #2

    oh guys i am so sorry for some reason i did not try to click on enter again after i click on the screen this is so embarrassing
  15. noahthegame

    thread question #2

    Thanks for the massage i sure that i testet that but i Will test it again. i Will have ny computer i 20 hours then i Will test it maybe You Can test it for me?

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