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  1. hallo i am createing a password login system (please NOTE: that this is useing my window api but is it not that that's makeing the error) when the text inside the /.pass.info is "true" the computer comes with this blue screen error (aka bios error): as you can see the bios script is trying to write a table as a error message but why? ( and please ignore the xbox message ) here is the bootup file (the file there is run when the computer startup aka: in the /boot dir): https://pastebin.com/Wpsb71W0 and the file that the bootup file is useing: https://pastebin.com/NTW8iNgM --if you help me then THANKS YOU
  2. Ok ):
  3. And i know that "<!DOCTYPE html> is there but you don't need to a web browser Can run it enyway
  4. I know how to get the file on the web but how do i "translate it" like so Input: <!DOCTYPE html><html><h1>hallo world</h1><code1>i am dum just so you know</code1></html> output: hallo World i am dum just so you know say on a 2'st way: have someone made a lua code that Can run a html code
  5. mod

    hallo some one no (or can make a mod) that add's more screen. more screens i mean a mod that add "higher resolution" screen's??? --please
  6. And thank you for the hex translate website
  7. That i mean in number 2 is how to translate html (webbrowser code) into a file or string on OC. computer
  8. don't you no the code for it or the api for it
  9. ok again more dum question's 1. How can i finde out what color code i need to use in 8 bit it is hard. I no that that you can just go to like type colorcode in google and that there is a lot of colorcode type's but in that website i was in. Was there the following type's: HEX, RGB, HSV, HSL and CMYK is there som of the colorcode's here that not take to long time to transform into 8-bit colorcode 2. before i ask this question or before you read it. so i no that it is a bad question but. is there a way to transform html into a string like exeple: <!DOCTYPE html><html><h1>hallo world</h1><code1>i am dum just so you know</code1></html> and then i want the output to be: hallo world i am dum just so you know i know that the size of the text well be the same it was just an exeple. So is there someone who no that plese. because i hope i can do this is because in java you can just create a jlabel in a jframe and then just set the text to a html in the jlabel and the it well work like: JFrame frame = new JFrame("test frame") jLabel text = new JLabel("<!DOCTYPE html><html><h1>hallo world</h1><code1>i am dum just so you know</code1></html>") frame.add(text) and so on
  10. thank you
  11. hallo i have a questions again: how can i run a function in a program. less say that there is a global function called "runfunction" that i can do like: local fun = "term.set Cursor(1,1)" runfunction( fun ) again i no that there are not a global function called runfunction it was just to show what i mean so that i want to be happening what that two line's is that the function term.setCursor will be runned and there fore the cursor is now on col 1 line 1 is there somone who no a function to do that?
  12. ok so that is the lua wiki i see there is more backslash code words stof thanks you
  13. molinko ??? is was meant to be some nice to say
  14. omg it is working thank you to you boft og your to help me came home after work and it is working. how the hell can i no that \n means newline unless two nice guys is telling me i have trying to find out how to do that is so long time but NOW THERE IS A NEW BAT qest: how can i write \ becuse i don't how to do it (i copy pastet it to write it here and in my owne computer in game)
  15. and moliko i no that you can use .. to link strings i am not a noob at lua