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  1. hallo i have a questions again: how can i run a function in a program. less say that there is a global function called "runfunction" that i can do like: local fun = "term.set Cursor(1,1)" runfunction( fun ) again i no that there are not a global function called runfunction it was just to show what i mean so that i want to be happening what that two line's is that the function term.setCursor will be runned and there fore the cursor is now on col 1 line 1 is there somone who no a function to do that?
  2. ok so that is the lua wiki i see there is more backslash code words stof thanks you
  3. molinko ??? is was meant to be some nice to say
  4. omg it is working thank you to you boft og your to help me came home after work and it is working. how the hell can i no that \n means newline unless two nice guys is telling me i have trying to find out how to do that is so long time but NOW THERE IS A NEW BAT qest: how can i write \ becuse i don't how to do it (i copy pastet it to write it here and in my owne computer in game)
  5. and moliko i no that you can use .. to link strings i am not a noob at lua
  6. And ' = " ?
  7. Ok thanks but so i need to write "/n" in that string like so data = io.open("/testfile", "w") data: write("here is Line 1 /n here is line 2 /n here is Line 3 /n") and then output: path /testfile: here is Line 1 hare is Line 2 hare is Line 3 or is there a api for that or do i need to use the seek function fore that? and ps: i no that i just can't set the cursor
  8. hallo here i am again... i know dum question again! 1. what to use filesystem.open or io.open i know that it is the same but what is the best one 2. and how to pick a new line weren in write mode (what i mean is that how can i like write a thing on line 1 and then on line number 10 or 2 or whatever like in terminal like term.setCursor can i do that in io.open two in write mode) what i wil say is how to write new line or how to do newline i also need to point out that i know there is i seek function but 1 i don't no how to use it and 2 as i can understand do seek only work in read mode i have played opencomputers in a long time and i still don't understand io.open and filesystem.open fully and yes i do know to the wiki and i do reading it some times so plese don't say that................. or write it
  9. Ok then thank you
  10. So you say that rpx and rpy is writet as a local i don't remeber that And do a _ mean local like is "local rpx" the same as "_rpx" ??
  11. and if i remove line 52 it will not crasing
  12. The pastepin code Will be in the post (at the top) in 2 min
  13. Ok and just so You know the only API i have uset from term.lua is the term.setCursor()
  14. Tykuhn2 yes i know that and no i have not modifiet it at all
  15. Monlinko ok then