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  1. Nexarius

    StattenOS - Base control system

    I'm just guessing here but it looks like a problem with the wrong directory. Try to go to / and not /home by typing "cd /" and try again.
  2. Nexarius

    Tank Display Program

    I've added the 3 liquids in version 1.8.7. Btw I only need 4 RGB values for each fluid.
  3. Nexarius

    Tank Display Program

    Thanks It's a lot of work so I only added the liquids for the mods in my modpack and Thermal Foundation isn't in there. If you provide me with the 4 RGB color values for each liquid then I could add them to the program. (example)
  4. Nexarius

    Tank Display Program

    I haven't used ME Extracells after I created this program so I don't know how it will interact. Is the client computer showing fluids on the screen? Did you put the tank controller inside the adapter? Are both computers in a network (wirless or wired) ? Is the wireless network card range in the config high enough? Is the client and server on the same version? Btw this error just means that it isn't getting any data.
  5. Nexarius

    SGCX - SGCraft Staragte Controller

    That looks pretty cool. How can you calculate the world coords from the stargate address?
  6. Nexarius

    Tank Display Program

    That makes sense. What you gave me are the localized names -> "label" but the program uses the internal liquid name -> "name". I tweaked the display in 1.8.5 to show that better because labels change depending on the selected language for minecraft. Update 1.8.6: -fixed Thermal Foundation liquids
  7. Nexarius

    Tank Display Program

    Just install it again. It will overwrite the old files.
  8. Nexarius

    Tank Display Program

    Update 1.8.5: -added 7 new liquids
  9. Nexarius

    Tank Display Program

    I can add any liquid. Just give me its name and the 4 hex RGB values. (examples can be found here https://github.com/Nex4rius/Nex4rius-Programme/blob/master/Tank/server/tank/farben.lua)
  10. Nexarius

    nexDHD - SG-Craft Stargate Control Program

    You make a tablet and copy this file on it https://github.com/Nex4rius/Nex4rius-Programme/blob/master/nexDHD/tablet.lua
  11. Nexarius

    nexDHD - SG-Craft Stargate Control Program

    I added that but my ftb launcher doesn't work somehow and can't test it now. You could test it by updating the program to the beta version with writing "stargate beta" and then go to the config and set "kein_senden to true" that should prevent the program from sending addresses.
  12. Nexarius

    nexDHD - SG-Craft Stargate Control Program

    You have to use the tier3 screen because tier2 doesn't have enough colors.
  13. Nexarius

    nexDHD - SG-Craft Stargate Control Program

    I'm not removing the old colors... You have to select the new ones. It's called "dunkel".
  14. Nexarius

    nexDHD - SG-Craft Stargate Control Program

    There is an update button or you wait until the update timer kicks in (it automatically checks every few hours) but the easiest is just restart the program (if auto updates are enabled).
  15. Nexarius

    nexDHD - SG-Craft Stargate Control Program

    That would required alot more changes and I'm not going to do it. Btw I've already released the update and you can change it now in the config.

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