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  1. Sadly no it only works with a single port.
  2. 1) I didn't save the entered range so it didn't survive reboot. 2) I tried io.read() alone in the autorun.lua and it just skipped it. I added a 2sec delay and then it works (I guess the OS needs a bit more time to load completely). Airship unload station? Giving a label to the clients displaying them with the label is sadly not a small change. I can't promise anything here. But you could make 4 servers each with their own client and go into "/tank/auslesen.lua" on the client and into "/tank/anzeige.lua" on the server to change the port from 70 to whatever you want so they dont interfere with each other.
  3. I think its fixed now.
  4. The autorun.lua looks to be ok. Normally any error that occurs will be printed to the screen but its hidden for autorun. I looks to me like an error occured and then it just goes on as usuall as if nothing happend. If you launch the program again then it should print any errors to the screen. Can you do that? Just write "tank", "/autorun.lua" or "/tank/anzeige.lua" I have a relay and a power distributor connected in my test world and I'm not seeing any changes. Update: 1.8.3 -added autorun will write any errors messages now
  5. The wireless range is limited in the opencomputers config too. I've been playing almost exclusivly on modpacks with gregtech and there are almost none with tinkers construct so I didn't have any chance to add them.I tested my program by repeatedly pressing the turn on / off button and it always booted into my program. Can you write "edit /autorun.lua" and check whats in that file? Furthermore what is your OpenOS version? I'm running on 1.6.7. You can run this program of mine "pastebin run -f icKy25PF" to update OpenOS. I have no idea how that white display happend. Maybe someone has some ideas why it was happening?
  6. Update to 1.8 -added support for multiple sceens (but sadly it will flicker when the gpu is switching to the next screen; anyone got ideas for that?) -added support for more screen sizes (optimal is 8x5; 4x1; 8x2) -added client will ask for wireless range on startup (default 400) __________________________________________________________________________________________________ You have 3 liquids on the screen that are unknown to my program and thats the reason why they are all grey. If you want colors you can help me here and I will add them to this program. This will be helpful for that. And those are all colors. I have never tested it but there shouldn't be anything in the code that prevents you from making 2 servers with a screen each that will get the information from the clients. edit: Update 1.8.1 -fixed flckering with multiple screens
  7. Thanks I only really concentrated on the display of the server and never noticed that on the client because I only used it as debug view to see the names of the fluids. The percent calculation was switched up. It was capacity / amount not amount / capacity. I've optimised it for a big screen 8x5 http://i.imgur.com/E4N2qat.png The resolution is already on maximum the screens cannot give more. But do you mean something like this?
  8. It depends on what exactly you mean with that and which stargate mod you are using. I can only help with SGCraft. A very simple control of the stargate would be this local component = require("component") local sg = component.getPrimary("stargate") sg.dial("ABCDEFGHI") You could check out my stargate control program https://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/1062-sg-craft-stargate-control-program/
  9. I found a quick dirty solution. You will have to manually add this function to the file /stargate/Kontrollprogramm.lua (somewhere in the middle; after initialisation but before the main loop is called). If that function is included and you added a (wireless) network card then you can use this function on any other computer to transmit the IDC. I'm not going to add this to the automated updater because it has some problems. 1) If you spam the broadcast then you can essentially block the stargate computer because this solution is slow (even at 20tps). 2) It doesn't give you on the other side any feedback if the IDC was accepted or not. I might make a proper solution later.
  10. Oh that makes sense. Thanks
  11. I've tried this here and I'm getting a really strange result. Why is it printing nil? As far as I understand this it should be printing true false b
  12. Right now it only works via this program because I'm not using any network cards but instead the built in sg.sendMessage() system from the stargate computer interface to the stargate computer interface on the other side. edit: I will check the code. I will add it if it is possible to add it without having to rewrite everything.
  13. It's pretty easy. Whatever you write here as the IDC will be the code that people have to send to open the iris of your stargate. (If Iris control is turned on) If you want to connect to a stargate and it is protected with an iris and an IDC then you can send the code manually by pressing E. or if you are lazy (like me) and want to automate it. If you enter the IDC (for the other gate not for your own gate) here next to the address then it will be automatically transmitted when you connect to that address.
  14. operating system

    I tried it now and it stops at "InstallData read into memory, decoing..." edit: btw pastebin run mH1ymDs3 It was not enough memory. I had two 1,5 memory now I switched it to two 3,5 memory and I'm getting "too long without yielding". Why do you have to press a key just to be able to input a command again? And I don't really understand what I can do with this OS. I found some bugs. I think its highly unlikly that it removes those on every start. This was a bit confusing. I thought it was still loading.
  15. operating system

    My stargate control program shares new addresses automatically too but my approach is a bit different it is decentralized instead of centralized. How do you even get the OS to an ingame computer for testing? Do you have an installer? Could you explain how to use this OS?