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noob questions about mounting drives automatically and autorun.lua


I have tried to follow the tutorial, but no matter how much I try, hard drives will not automount between reboots or hard drive reinsertions. Furthermore, I have tried to write an autorun program at the root directory, but the program just deletes itself when I reboot my computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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strange. i just followed the tutorial and every part of it worked. what version of oc are you using (use the full version name)

can you try to provide more details about what you are doing and what is happening? screenshots are welcome

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so from a fresh start, I install OPPM and OpenOS to the same (unnamed) hard drive.

Here is a screenshot of what the df command says after I do so.

after that, I run the mount command on a different hard drive (named bigboi), and it works just fine.

Here's a screenshot of that.

Then, following the tutorial, I cd into the folder that was created and make the autorun program specified.

I wrote it exactly like the tutorial, besides that fact that I am using my own names.

After saving and exiting, I make sure that the file is there, which it is.

But when I take out the drive and reinsert it, the folder is gone, and I am automatically set back to the root directory with no trace of the mounted folder or the autorun program.

This modpack uses OpenComputers-MC1.7.10-, as copied and pasted from the actual file name in the mods folder. I hope this is what you were asking for.


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Well, I tried to turn my computer back on to take a screenshot, but...


I didn't do anything to my computer besides shut it off after taking the screenshots before. I have a chunk loader on top of my computer, as well, so I don't think that would have been the cause of this issue.

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@purpleFinatic can i join your world? I'd like to troubleshoot this

you can share mod info and server info privately to me via this forum, or email me on hotmail, email username is just `payonel`

also, come chat with us on discord ( https://discord.gg/bYqKv7h ) or irc ( #oc on esper.net )

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