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  1. Hi SuperSamir. Nice Job ! I need it for check monitoring my induction matrix. The graphical in percentage part seems good but values seems all false. The following values are in rf For exemple when i put 2k in the battery i see ~55.xx k. If I take 300 rf i see ~ 9.40 k in your program. I checked your code, is it good that you multiply im.getInput by unity which is 10 in RF case ? Other thing, in the section Energy Stored just the line below the percentage I see 25.66b ou 36.00b, what is it ? My induction cell can stock 1.12 GRF and my provider is the ultimate induction provider who can delivrate 4.09 MRF Maybe the error come from the config of my modpack, is allthemods3 on 1.12 Other clue that when i used information screen from RFTOOL (plug on the induction port out) i see that i can store 9000M And in lua if i make a im.getMaxEnergyStored() i see 9 000 000 000.0, same number. But in the interface of the induction matrix i see that i can store 1.12 GRF. With this screen i also see that i have 6588 M when i see 823.5 MRF in the interface of the battery. What do you think about that ? Also the button for comeback to the shell dont work but the reboot button do their job. Thanks for sharing your job. ps: english is not my native language, forgive my mystakes please
  2. Thanks a lot for you'r job here, really, good job I have few suggests. 1/Install script must be install your program in the directory where is it, for the moment your program is installed in the home whatever i put it. 2/Provide a way for quit the program. 2-1/Maybe if you can provide a way for just quit the screen of your programm but still keep it run. 3/Maybe propose a first screen for choose item in the list of craft learn by AE2 whitout have to write item but just check in the list.
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