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  1. ERROR FOUND IN MineOS https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9AH0a-EGBzTRWpuaElCYm5XcjQ/view https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9AH0a-EGBzTa05FeVRJRXk3cms/view AND MY PC https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9AH0a-EGBzTTHpZNHF3aVlaMU0/view https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9AH0a-EGBzTVWFaQkV3YlNXN2c/view?usp=sharing
  2. 2. MineOS is currently down for now...Windows would be better 5. Okay, i dont have anything knowledge about programming...
  3. There is no 3D Maker for 3D Printer???
  4. LUA Editor+ (similar to the newest Computercraft (Advance Computer) Editor (For programmers in opencomputer program makers) Windows (Windows-95 or 98) based Operating system A User Friendly type of OS which isn't like OpenOS or MS-DOS (command prompt) A GUI for all of the list of programs available A Explorer GUI for searching and exploring system files A Settings to switch users, to change resolution, to manage devices, or to update OS A Consumer Grade type of OS (non-in-game programmer). Only using available apps in the internet and built in A Pastebin for just pasting or entering the code
  5. Anyone who understands russian and english here which can translate this Amazing OS?
  6. 3D Printer Editor and Creator Creating 3D object without using codes. Like using the Hologram Editor. Viewing and editing it per layer to display the hologram created. But this 3D Editor and Creator can print the created object easier and without codes which is terrible for most of people who doesn't know how to use commands like me.
  7. True... But Embedded OS would be still different And it is currently experiencing errors
  8. I would like to have another type of Operating System (unlike OpenOS or Lua type, boring for codes) MineOS is an example.. In which, it has GUI and easier to control and already built in programs.. Embedded OS would be greater help for Server Computers
  9. @forta86 Step #1: Install OpenOS within the Hard Disk Drive Step #2: Reboot the installed OS Step #3: type the command (cd ..) without parenthesis. To remove /home, this caused this error (maybe) Step #4: type the pastebin MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT AT HOME DIRECTORY
  10. @forta86 Step #1: Install OpenOS within the Hard Disk Drive Step #2: Reboot the installed OS Step #3: type the command (cd ..) without parenthesis. To remove /home, this causes the error (maybe) Step #4: type the pastebin
  11. Sir, my server computer isn't working with your operating system. It gives me bluescreen of errors saying "Unrecoverable Error boot/03_io.lua:6: bad argument #1 (string expected, got nil)" after the reboot option from the installation process finished. This is my spec of my server: Tier 3 Server, Tier 3 CPU, 4 x Tier 3.5 RAM, Tier 3 HDD, Tier 3 Graphics Card, Tier 3 Data Card, Internet Card, Network Card (Wired) and, EEPROM (Lua BIOS). I follow the installation process. I tried to switch into personal computer but same outcome, Removing Data Card, reducing RAM and still same error.
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