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  1. Yes, I did not implement any sort of "failsafe" method for songs that demand more channels. Could you please open an issue on the github repository?
  2. That's right! A NoteBlock Studio player! The bane of all multiplayer servers, as I have myself learned. I wrote this first a standalone OpenOS program but I later ported it to work on drones (it loads code from a remote server). Honestly, I just wanted to listen to positive force from VVVVVV and found that nbs is a fairly easy format to parse and play... So I did! And now the server I play on is full of drones playing awful renditions of despacito. I guess I brought this upon myself. Anyway, here is a github repository https://github.com/thekoksus/oc-nbs-player And a video d
  3. What was the original track called?
  4. Rahph

    Corrupt a wish

    But then you would be dead I wish my ISP wasn't retarded
  5. Rahph

    Corrupt a wish

    But then you would be in grave. That is how late it would be I wish minecraft was optimized at any point
  6. Rahph

    Corrupt a wish

    But then i would write an antivirus. I wish raspberry pi had 12 core xeon but still was the same price and form factor.
  7. I'll try to learn lua and coroutines so maybe i will write that shell in the future
  8. Rahph

    Corrupt a wish

    But it glitches out and you put brick in place of your brain. I wish I could write most complex programs in the world.
  9. Beacuse I cannot code properly, I have made a concept instead of program. As i know, multi tasking api was added recently to open computers, so i came up with an idea for widget- based addon for shell! You have your shell, but under it there are widgets, Those add great functionality to shell, that could be replaced with actual GUI for more deep experience. My idea would also be to create easy-to-use api to create widgets/apps. How it looks: (PSA is Pro Shell App) How the code for icon that inputs "cd /bin" to the shell. function init() --Initialization function setResolu
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