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NexCore - Cluster Servers [MC: 1.7.10][CC: 1.75][BungeeCord][KCauldron]

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NexCore is Shinexus 2.0

Last Update: 08/01/2016 -> 00:50am (GMT 0)

I am sorry I have abandoned this website, so I am back and I shall try and be more active!! Here is the current server.

We have a new website!!!!! NexCore Website

UPDATE NEW SERVER UPDATE: The new server is out and usable, we have only started the Survival server, but as we add more servers you will be able to access them more and more. We have ~ 90 mods and a heap ton of new server software and MOAR RAM. I would love to make a nice community so please jump on and join in! Read below for more info.

please note the server ip has changed: mc.dannysmc.com:25595
Download Mods Zip File
Technic Modpack Link

Server IP:
+ mc.dannysmc.com:25595
(Any problems just PM me here, has been changed!)

Wall of Shame (Banned players):

This has been reset, and is there for old players who wish to play fairly again.

Chat Servers

We do have a few chat (VOIP) servers for you to use:

Slack Integration

We are in the middle of creating a custom slack bot allowing players to join in with the chat for the server, the server is actually going to be renamed as Acora-Dev under the new server update, which is why it is taking a while to come out, but for the time being, you can use the slack system. If you wish to join slack, then PM me your email and I shall send you an invite.

Server Worlds:


This is our modded Survival world and is available for you to comne and play survival. We have some awesome plugins for you to utilize as well as hoping to make an awesome community, we have a nice spawn with some information on, the rest is up to you.


Coming soon, we are in the stages of testing the server modpack.


+ HolyCloudNinja = £26
+ Epinogres = £47
+ paultiem = £7
+ cdel = £1

Server Rules:

+ No killing unless they attack you! I am not keen on PvP considering all they do is kill others and steal their stuff,
+ No inappropriate language towards others, this includes racism, swearing at another player, or condescending attitude,
+ Make friends and help the community!
+ No cheating items in,
+ Do not abuse your powers,
+ Do not abuse permissions and cheat,
+ If something is told of you not to do, then don't, Don't argue it with staff,
+ Builders can't cheat items in,
+ Sarcasm and arrogant behavior towards staff is not allowed,
+ If you are rude to a staff member or attempt to tell them how to run the server, you will be given a warning.

Modpack (Downloads):

If you are using the Minecraft launcher and are just going to simply drag and drop the mods into your mods folder then please download the mods zip file from here:
Download Mods
If you use the Technic Launcher then use the code below to download the modpack in technic:
Technic Modpack Link
Technic Modpack API Download Link

Server Specifications
Processor: Intel Xeon (3.4GHz - Octacore)
Speed: 250Mbps
We also have DDoS protection.

Server Game Rules:
+ Command Block Output: False,
+ Fire Spread: False,
+ Keep Inventory: True,
+ Mob Griefing: False,

Server Warning System:

+ Verbal Warning: This is a warning that will be given over chat or via voice in game, this is a warning if you offend again then another step will be taken.
+ Temporary Ban: This is a ban for a day or a few hours depending on the seriousness of the offense.
+ Permanent Ban: If this occurs you will have a permanent ban that will mean you are banned from the server, your IP address and username will be banned.
If you have had a ban or a warning and you want to dispute it then please contact me with your name, minecraft username, and information about why you was banned and the time, I shall go through the log and make sure the reason you was banned or given a warning was legit.

Mods List:

  • Ars Magika 2
  • Animation API
  • Applied Energistics 2
  • Asie Lib
  • Big Reactors
  • Botania
  • Carpeneters Blocks
  • Chisel 2
  • Code Chicken Core
  • CoFH Core
  • Collective Framework
  • ComputerCraft 1.75
  • Computronics
  • Ender IO
  • Extra Utilities
  • Ender Storage
  • Forestry
  • iChunUtil
  • Immibis Core
  • Inventory Tweaks
  • Iron Chests
  • Jabba
  • MagnetiCraft
  • Mantle
  • MineFactory Reloaded
  • Morph
  • Not Enough Items
  • Open Blocks
  • Open Computers
  • Open Glasses
  • Open Mods Lib
  • Open Peripheral Addons
  • Open Peripheral Core
  • Open Peripheral Integration
  • Peripherals ++
  • Project Red Base
  • Project Red Compat
  • Project Red Fabrication
  • Project Red Integration
  • Project Red Lighting
  • Project Red World
  • RailCraft
  • Redstone Paste
  • Stargate Craft
  • Slimevoid Library
  • Tinkers Construct
  • Thaumcraft
  • Thaumic Energistics
  • Thaumic Horizons
  • Thaumic Tinkerer
  • Thermal Dynamics
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Thermal Foundation
  • T Mechworks
  • WorldEdit

All Mod Licenses:

PlayerInDistress -> http://www.minecraft...-structures-and Lucky Blocks Asie -> http://wiki.vex.tty.sh/wiki:licensing AsieLib Backpacks http://www.curse.com...forge-backpacks -> http://bdew.net/mine...public-license/ BuildCraft http://teamcofh.com/license/ Chisel http://www.curse.com...225236-chisel-2 -> http://en.wikipedia...._Public_License ComputerCraft http://www.minecraft...1-computercraft CoroUtil http://coros.us/mods/ Deconstruction Table http://minecraft.cur...struction-table GlibysVC http://www.minecraft...at-in-minecraft Hats, iChunUtil, Morph http://ichun.us/support/mod-packs/ IC2 http://forum.industr...d&threadID=7994 Mantle http://www.curse.com...inecraft/mantle Furniture mrcrayfish http://minecraft.cur...h-furniture-mod OpenBlocks, OpenModsLib, OpenPeripheral https://github.com/O.../master/LICENSE Railcraft http://railcraft.inf...ki/info:license Redstone paste http://www.minecraft...stone-paste-mod SlimevoidLib http://www.curse.com...imevoid-library Statues http://www.curse.com...575-mob-statues TConstruct http://www.minecraft...nkers-construct WorldEdit Forge http://www.curse.com...25608-worldedit Applied Energistics 2 http://ae1.ae-mod.in...sked-Questions/ Waila http://www.minecraft...1-6-0-for-1-8-1 Emoniph -> Witchery https://sites.google...rms--conditions AnimationAPI, MutantCreatures http://www.minecraft...s-better-horses Satscape -> AlarmCraft https://satscape.wor...aft/alarmcraft/ Greg Ewing -> SGCraft http://www.cosc.cant...t/mods/SGCraft/ Immibis -> Adv Repulsion Systems, ImmibisCore, ConnectedGlass, Dimensional Anchor http://www.minecraft...version-numbers chicken_bones -> CodeChickenCore, Translocator, NotEnoughItems: http://www.minecraft...ickenbones-mods

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I have a few questions.

1.)What is the minimum amount of ram we should associate to use this?

2.) Do you/would you like some one who could try to help players with OC codding (I'm a newbie yes, but I'm trying to learn, got to start somewhere.)

for optimal performance 2 GB is enough

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