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Zorya NEO - BIOS and Bootloader

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dear god this was painful to get working

Zorya NEO


Zorya has returned! Yeah, I finally did it. I finally updated Zorya. With this major upgrade, the game has completely changed. Zorya is now much more modular. Configurations are no longer static JSON files. They're now Lua scripts. Modules are also now compressed and the entire thing loads from an initial ram filesystem. I've also included utilities for configuring and managing your Zorya NEO install. Here's a rundown of the features of Zorya NEO:

  • Multithreading - For when you want to do a lot in the bootloader.
  • Networking support - Minitel, here and now.
  • A fancy GUI - It's discount GRUB.
  • Compressed modules - Less space used!
  • Virtual components - Now you can expose that neat vdev to any OS!
  • Virtual BIOSes - MineOS in Zorya is now possible.
  • Full OEFIv1 and v2 support
  • Modular design - Only loads modules when required.


You may be asking yourself, where do I get this godawful wonderful kit of software? Well, just go to the Github and go to releases! Grab the latest release and install. The installer doesn't even require an internet connection. It's self extracting!


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