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Game Testers Wanted.

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Space Trader

Open Alpha


An Open Universe sandbox trader.


Explore and trade forever.


Current Features Include:


Completely randomly generated universe.

Fully functional trading system.

Micro economy that determines local prices.

Functioning AI traders out to steal all your best buys! [New]


Planned Features Include:


Equipment. (Shields, Armour, AI Upgrades etc.)

Shipyards/Armouries (Buy and Equip ships)


Weapons. (^For the combat. ^)

Faction rating (Your actions will have consequences...)

More Factions (More consequences.)

Better controls for multiple ships






Copy the folder to your drive, navigate to it and launch "space".


I'd very much like to hear your views / suggestions on it and of course any bug reports :)

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This is 100% running in OC, I wouldn't post anything here that wasn't.

Someone posted a while ago that they were looking for some game libraries on OC and I'd never written one before so I started typing one out.

This program is the main reason I wrote Paint Plus... To load and edit assets easier.

I will be putting the library I wrote on the forums soon but I wanted to test it first.


Sorry about the confusion but is there any chance this can get moved back?

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first off, that is pretty bloody awesome

secondly, if you press menu twice, space:558: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'minx' (a nil value)


thirdly, i gotta hurry the fuck up with my os so i can have you make this awesome shit on there instead, where you natively get SLI AND CROSSFIRE!!! (names supplied by sangar, trololol) for faster drawing!

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Hey man, thanks for the bug report.


Yeah, "key_down" event handlers are a bit weird at the minute. I was using the "press any key to accelerate time" method of testing. :P


Not sure what is happening with the menu button yet but it'll be fixed by the next release.


On a side note, got my first AI trader (sorta) working today. :D

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Updated OP with latest download, AI traders are behaving for now but I would appreciate any bugs spotted to be reported here.

Fixed the menu bug, now the menu takes over the whole screen and resume must be pressed to continue.

Also Fixed the framerate issues.


I have messaged Vexatos to set up a repo on Open Programs, as soon as I am able I will move this to there as well.



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I have seen this game crash in many (sometimes spectacular) ways but this is a new one. Well done.

Where are you launching the game from? did you navigate to the SpaceGame folder and launch from there? or did you do "SpaceGame/space" to launch?

That would cause a crash sort of like this as the game would not find the right working directory and thus none of the assets.


Hope this helps, and thank you for the bug report. :)


Also this is due for an update soon, working on assets at the minute but in my copy Shipyards are in so you can buy multiple ships and there are a few pieces of equipment to buy at Equipment docks. More Equipment is pending.

Sorry for the delay in updating but I got a 3D printer last week and have been tinkering with that instead of coding :P

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It's a trading game, most things on the screen are buttons to click. Each station has 1 product that you can buy and up to 3 resources you can sell it to operate. Explore and find more stations and AI traders who take all your best trades.

Also there is a close option in the menu. :P

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I've noticed that the hard drive is constantly writing. Also you have to set the right/large enough resolution for the game to load properly or you just get stuck in some weird spammy draw loop. I'm not sure but I think the event loop is being spammed in the background and I think this is leading to alot of lag on button presses and overall responsiveness. But, I freakin' love the gui and the game looks like it will be great! Great job so far mang.

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Hey man, thanks for the bug report.

As far as I remember the game should only read the HDD when it loads an Image which is often as RAM limits the amount I can keep loaded.

I'll look into events later today, This thing still needs an update but I've got a secret project in the works at the minute.

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