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opencomputers modem_message always returns 0


i have made some code to play around with the modem stuff but for some reason the modem_message event always returns 0 also im am running one of the scripts on a microcontroller and i am running minecraft version 1.7.10

code of the microcontroller:

local rs = component.proxy(component.list("redstone")())

local modem = component.proxy(component.list(modem)())

local identity = 1


a ={}

d = "id:"

f = tostring(identity)

a[1] = d

a[2] = f

modem.broadcast(1234, "id:1 is online")

while true do




code of the not microcontroller:

local component = require('component')

local event = require('event')

local modem = component.modem



while true do

  local _, _, from, port, message = event.pull("modem_message")





obviously both are connected with wires and the file with the modem.open is executed befor starting the microcontroller

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12 hours ago, Molinko said:

The issue is with your variables returned by event.pull. the 6th rturn value is the message. You're assignment for message is the fifth which is actually distance which will always be 1 from a wired modem.

thanks now it works after adding _ befor message

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relating to signals are they are only used when utilizing the event.pull method on the wiki they state for example modem_message(Blach:blach, blah:blah) but those are more so the returns than anything you pass to the method and are what a event.pull method returns correct?

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