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OETF #14 - Open Hypertext Markup Language

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OHML is a markup language based on XML, it is a simpler, OC-graphics adapted version of HTML.

It all started when i noticed that most network programs/libraries were either DNS system, or Website system.
However it is very important to maintain an universal language for webpages. It is the first step of having
a stable and universal "OCranet", which will follow with server and client implementations. Protocols, etc..

Document Versions

OHML patch versions (1.0.1, 1.0.5, etc.) minor changes (more understandable descriptions, new optional arguments) can be asked in comments section, might get accepted, and when features are froze, set as a new minor version of OHML specifications.

OHML minor versions (1.2, 1.1, 1.42) OHML major versions (2, 4, 5) are to be proposed in comments sections and feature froze. Once released they will replace the outdated data in this post.


Table about all tags and their (XML) arguments is available in png format, attached to this topic.



Image: <image file="blabla.pic"></image> = "blabla.pic" showen as PIC (MineOS image) format

Text: <text>Hello!</text> <text>World</text>

Script: <script lang="some_script_language">Some multi-line script</script>
Hyperlink: <a href="/superdupernews.ohm">Show super duper news</a>

OHML v1.0.1 revision:

Tags can now have optional arguments "x", "y", "width", "height" and "relative"

The "relative" argument is for using relative positions, vertical at first, and horizontal at last, we can use "up" (default) or "bottom", put a ";" for splitting, and add the horizental value that can be "left" or "right".
Relative positions works that if for example the value is "bottom;right", and if x = -5 and y = -5, the element Y will be at the most bottom point of the page (meaning that bottom for a page with elements not going after 10 for y, the bottom would be 10), added -5, which is equivalent of minus 5, and the element X will be at most-right point (generally viewport width) and will have minus 5.

Meaning that for a viewport with size of 80, 25, it would go at 75, 20

OHML v1.0.2 revision:

- Added new tag: <br></br>, allows to break line in any ohml tags.

HREF format
An HREF format defined in <a> tag can be relative or absolute.
If a href starts with any supported protocol name followed by "://" (ex: ohtp://), the link is fully absolute and should be coutned as the same than if the user
inputed it as a website. It's a normal URI
Then, if a href starts with "/", it is relative to the website host (can be ohtp://test.com), so, the full path is: {WEBSITE HOST} + {HREF}
Finally, starts with nothing above, it is relative and should be appended to the actual URL

URI are in the same format than real ones which is "protocol://host(/page)"

OHML, being a markup language, will not support any kind of dynamic coding like <if> statements, <print> statements, etc., dynamic coding is handled by <script> tags and scripts languages supported by the browser. (Currently no script language has been made, it's coming).

For now one implementation has been made and it is the reference one called Minescape.


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Yes i have discord, anyways if i mentionned GERT it's because i find interesting the idea of connecting minecraft servers each other. It allows for a OC "internet", since oc servers can now technically be acessed from any minecraft server having a GERT address. Which allows for endless possibilities in oc web.

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I made a first implementation capable of parsing and displaying OHML. This implementation supports most things except: relative positions, buttons, images and progress bars. It's called minescape and for now is only published on my repo (available with Fuchas's fpm command)

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