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I'm running at DireWolf20 1.10.2 v1.12.1 (OC-1.10.2- pack and currently I'm expanding my production of energy using BRGC created by @XyFreak

As of now I made to more turbines that one T3 PC (T3 CPU) can handle. That got me to servers. As I created 1st Rack and put two servers in. Both with 1x T3 CPU, 1x T3,5 RAM, 1x T3 DiskDrive + one of them have Network Card and T3 GPU. As far as I could go I tried one rack wit or without one of the components, getting OpenOS on both or not. 

During my test I wasn't able to get server up and running to detect all components as it was telling me there is there is to many components connected.
At the same time, I cannot say that I was able to connect Remote Terminal to any of racks. I was getting some type of success when I inserted Terminal Server but not quite what I was hoping for.


Another problem I had was with program itself where I hope I will get some word from  @XyFreak. After connecting one of the racks with limited number of turbines, only thing I was able to see was what you can see at attached image. Although program was running I was not able to get correct GUI.


Thanks for any answers :)



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In order to use more than 16 components with a server you need to insert "Component Bus" Cards into the server. Each T3 card allows you to connect 16 more components to the server.

In the rack GUI you can/have to connect the server to one side of your rack. Afterwards the server can access all components connected to this side and this side only so make sure to connect everything properly ;)

If you want to use the terminal server (doesn't work very good with the GUI btw) you also have to connect the terminal server to that side in the rack GUI. Monitors can of course be connected to said side of the rack as well.


Side node: If you have more than one GPU and monitor in your server the GUI will pop up on your OTHER monitor and will give you back your shell on your primary monitor.

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thanks for your help and the 2nd screen tip. I was really thinking that I would need to make 2 servers each with one CPU as it was in older versions (atleast videos that I watched). As of now everything is up and running smoothly.


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