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  1. XyFreak

    Big Reactors Grid Control

    @katt1204 You are running OpenOS 1.5 - that sounds REALLY old to me. I think i tested the earliest version of brgc against OpenOS 1.6 so... your only option is to upgrade i think. Honestly you might get away with not using brgcctrl and start the services directly on your own but that's just speculation. Upgrading OC is your best bet.
  2. XyFreak

    Big Reactors Grid Control

    @squidflex So everything is hooked up. Can you please hit the "CHARGE" button on the GUI and see if that changes anything for you? If it does then BRGC simply decides, that it's overproducing energy. Although 1600 mB/t sounds odd (as it should be 2000 mB/t -> 1 turbine).
  3. XyFreak

    Big Reactors Grid Control

    It's a bug in the command line tool specifically.. though I was pretty sure i fixed this ages ago... You CAN "fix" this by going into Lua 5.2 mode but that's something i need to fix tbh. Thanks
  4. Well the most important question is: WHY did it go critical? Did the energy saturation fall below acceptable levels? (= FluxGate malfunction) Did the containment just straight up fail? (= Injector disconnected from energy grid) Maybe something is wonky with servers?
  5. Sweet. I just built a new reactor with all mods updated and it worked for me with the gate touching the reactor... i placed the gate after the reactor was already formed tho so placing it beforehand might be an issue. I also noticed that attaching a second energy injector has gotten kinda wonky once the reactor has formed so for now it might be a good idea to fully build the reactor first (and open the GUI) and then place everything else around it.
  6. @CocoVanChoco The reason the reactor is shutting down is because you enabled "failsafe" - this option doesn't do what you think it does and i advise against using it - it becomes useless after past 11% fuel conversion anyways. The reason your reactor is filling up is because energy can not be transferred away from the core fast enough (if at all)
  7. XyFreak

    Big Reactors Grid Control

    Do you have something else feeding into the energy storage? If so that might be enough to fill increase your storages charge. If not then this should not happen. Does the GRID display show the cell being 20% full as well? Do you have multiple turbines? @Daggz I'll look into it, thanks. brgcctrl has never really been my main focus so I tend to overlook stuff in there. If you really NEED it you could set the OC CPU to Lua5.2 but that error right there is 100% my fault.
  8. XyFreak

    Big Reactors Grid Control

    Kinda. But what if you can't connect energy storage blocks? E.g. you don't have computronics installed? Or maybe you don't want to connect more cables? I don't see any reason to remove it. Also the AUTO logic will take over for a particular component whenever that component actually fills with energy itself (aka you wired something wrong - your conduits are too weak). I that case the logic self throttles everything. The only thing I COULD remove would be the button - but why prevent ppl from using stuff that has to be there anyways and can be used at any time?
  9. XyFreak

    Big Reactors Grid Control

    @Sindor Nex Grid mode means everything is coupled together using the grid controller. In order for that mode to work you need to connect your energy storage to the computer. With everything hooked up the controller will attempt to make energy production as efficient as possible: energy potential = max energy production possible by all connected generators optimal energy potential = max energy production possible by all connected generators running at their efficiency peak If your current energy consumption is less or equal than your optimal energy potential, then: storage < 20% -> Enable just enough components so that there is a net energy gain storage >90% -> Disable just enough components so that there is a small energy loss If your current energy consumption is larger than your optimal energy optential but less than your energy potential, then: Enable everything and put passive reactors in LOAD mode so that energy production = energy consumption If your current energy consumption is larger than your energy potential, then: Everything at full blast! The metric that decides what to do is based on a weighted running average on the current energy consumption. The weight itself is based on your energy storage fill level: Higher levels -> metric decreases slower, but increases faster Lower levels -> metric decreases faster, but increases slower 50% = equilibrium That way power spikes don't cause the controller to go haywire on high energy levels but keeps it responsive on lower levels to prevent blackouts. The components that are turned on for the <= opt energy pot. is as follows: Any turbine has priority over a passive reactor Passive reactors are sorted by their fuel efficiency and then turned on from most efficient -> least efficient That about sums it up. Basically you WANT to use grid mode whenever possible. Its the smart way to use BRGC The logic that was responsible for controlling turbines before the grid controller is gone btw. Yes the grid controller requires you to hook up your energy storage, but it does a MUCH better job than the previous logic that relied on the turbines internal energy storage. You can still run turbines without it but they'll not cooperate. Independent mode on turbines will also remove the turbine from the grid controller.
  10. XyFreak

    Big Reactors Grid Control

    @Sindor Nex rc brgc_reactor enable rc brgc_turbine enable rc brgc_grid enable (taken from the page) I did not implement anything to start up the GUI on boot (that's propably what you're looking for). I think a hacky version of what you want is somewhere in this thread.
  11. XyFreak

    Big Reactors Grid Control

    @payonel With OC on linux servers and using Lua5.3, calling setControlRodsLevels on any reactor will cause the function to return nil, "something something luanj something" (I think it was luanj but i'm not 100% sure right now) I was unable to reproduce this issue on windows but it does happen on pretty much any server running linux. Normally I'd say: "Yep, ER bug!" but since it looks like it's OS dependent I'm not 100% sure... now that I'm writing about it... it might be JRE dependent.... Anyways - the function in question takes an array/table with keys starting at 0 instead of 1. There is also getControlRodsLevels which returns a table you can pass to setControlRodsLevels. Doing so is the easiest way to trigger the issue on any reactor.
  12. XyFreak

    Big Reactors Grid Control

    @iBrokeMyPick Umm... the first 3 characters of your turbines address is just b, a and d. Total coincidence
  13. XyFreak

    Big Reactors Grid Control

    Big Reactors Grid Control Version 4.3.2 has been released! Changelog: - Removed dependency on OpenOS "threads" library. This means BRGC should world with OpenOS 1.6 again. - Implemented workaround for a bug with OpenComputers and Extreme Reactors when using Lua 5.3. - Fixed a bug that would sometimes flash an error message when done calibrating multiple reactors at once. ... Sorry it took me so long... erm.. I have no excuses for delaying this until now! @Luke Brehm Can you try upgrading? I'm guessing you're running into a bug I implemented a workaround for (changelog #2). If that DOES work for you I suggest setting your CPU to Lua 5.2 mode regardless as BRGC will fall back to the old ER API if it detects issues with that. The new API is far more efficient tho... :/ I hope the removal of the "threads" library dependency makes some of you happy
  14. XyFreak

    Big Reactors Grid Control

    Or you can wait for one or two days and I'll release the version that no longer requires you to do that EDIT: Yes the version is pretty much finished but I got sick (as in ill) and never got around to release it - I originally wanted to release it last sunday..well...
  15. XyFreak

    Big Reactors Grid Control

    The installer is just badly written and needs to copy everything to ram first *cough* BRGC needs less ram to run than the installer needs ^^;

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