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  1. Ok - again for everyone here. BRGC does NOT work with your CPU set to Lua 5.3 right now. I have to at least change all my string.format uses throught the entire code for that to work. So unless I release an update: Do not attempt to use Lua 5.3 if you want to use the GUI. The controller itself works perfectly fine on 5.3 though.
  2. The good news is: The controller itself seems to be working. The bad news is: While I know WHAT is happening (thanks to your big screenshot of the libGUI error), I don't know WHY. Essentially the rate with which RF is extracted from your reactor is calculated to be NAN. Of course getting NAN is simple: divide zero by zero, divide by infinity or use NAN in a calculation. And yes, there is a division in there somewhere but that one can't devide by zero. I made sure of it. The only numbers I get which are not under my control are the ones from extreme reactors. And I'll just assume those are not NAN as well So yeah.... I also just double checked in my test world that your setup should not be an issue at all. I kinda hate using this answer as a solution for everything lately, but: Is there a way for me to check this issue in person? Like: a world file or a server?
  3. @Humpledink This looks like either a nil value is stuck somewhere. I need some more info here: What version of minecraft are you running? What does your setup look like? Also can you try to run brgcctrl service reactor runOnce and if that errors out please post the message? Thanks.
  4. @mcshadowdrag I've never seen this kind of issue before. Maybe try to reinstall OpenOS? You can redownload the installer by doing rm /home/brgc_installer.lua and then wget it again.
  5. Big Reactors Grid Control Version 4.2.4 has been released! Changelogs: - Fixed a bug that caused the grid controller to crash if more than one passive reactor is connected - Fixed a bug where the turbine controller would include disabled/suspended turbines steam input in the total steam requirements.
  6. Just the installer though.... xD
  7. No but you should check the amount of RAM you installed in the computer. Also the server might hit a memory limit somewhere... If nothing works, just clone your computers hdd
  8. In order to use more than 16 components with a server you need to insert "Component Bus" Cards into the server. Each T3 card allows you to connect 16 more components to the server. In the rack GUI you can/have to connect the server to one side of your rack. Afterwards the server can access all components connected to this side and this side only so make sure to connect everything properly If you want to use the terminal server (doesn't work very good with the GUI btw) you also have to connect the terminal server to that side in the rack GUI. Monitors can of course be connected to said side of the rack as well. Side node: If you have more than one GPU and monitor in your server the GUI will pop up on your OTHER monitor and will give you back your shell on your primary monitor.
  9. @Ghan First of all thanks for the throughout description of your situation. I really hate to give a very short answer to very throughout questions, but.... can you PM me the server address? ^^; The picture of the reactor GUI shows stuff that shouldn't happen - at all: The reactors steam tank is full, there is excessive heat and the rods are STILL not inserted 100% (aka you're consuming fuel) - that's just not right.
  10. So...just to make sure I fully understood your setup: You have 5 turbines and one reactor for each. All reactors/turbines are connected to a single controller? If so make sure all reactors can feed steam to al turbines. If it's a simple 1 turbine, 1 reactor, 1 controller setup then everything SHOULD be fine. But the water supply is a serious concern. If you want to use a tank, concider using the Thermal Expansion ones. Putting those on top of a coolant port and having them output SHOULD be able to buffer some demand - if you're also feeding the condensed water from the turbine directly into the reactor.
  11. Hi @Ghan, to answer your last question: This doesn't seem normal at all. Not being able to provide the reactor with enough water will indeed throw off reactor calibration. To sufficiently analyze your problem I'd at least need to see the reactor (A http://br.sidoh.org blueprint should do).
  12. Hello @Trellinane unfortunately this is a known issue (at least here) with computer controlled turbines. For some it works, for some it doesn't. I was able to reproduce this issue and fixed it by updating ER to the latest version at that time. By now every modpack has updated ER so.... I don't think there's any real solution here until ER gets fixed. My current test environment does not crash and uses: ExtremeReactors-1.10.2- Tesla-1.10.2- OpenComputers-MC1.10.2- Forge- All of the above versions should be...quite old by now. My turbines output their power using Tesla Power Taps. Here's the github issue: https://github.com/ZeroNoRyouki/BigReactors/issues/111 (Thanks again to @CrazyTolradi). Unfortunately there is no progress there. Given the disinterest of some mod authors in issues that are not affecting everyone and the time that has gone by with no real progress on the issue, I'm starting to believe that this issue won't ever be fixed. I'd like to be convinced otherwise (that's a challenge, ya hear?!). Here are some things that MIGHT work but ... keep in mind that I JUST came up with them: Use a different kind of energy transfer mod. Relocate your turbine to a different (set of) chunk. Relocate your computer to a different chunk. -XyFreak
  13. Hi @Gepetto This is (basically) what the grid controller does on its own. It will alternate between running just enough to increase the charge in your storage or just enough to (barely) discharge your storage. "Charge" mode just tells it to use all available energy sources to fill your energy storage once. There is no direct way to configure the thresholds BUT you can find them in /usr/lib/brgc/grid_controller.lua You're looking for lines 46 and 47. The default is: Start discharging after the storage has exceeded 95% and start charging if the storage has fallen below 20%. If you choose to change these values, you'll have to restart your computer. Also note that the controller attempts to identify instances where your energy demand will exceed the max capabilities of your energy generation and act accordingly. This is only important if you throw passive reactors into the mix though.
  14. That sounds awesome. A server by itself (that is no component bus cards) does not have a higher number of peripherals it supports, as this number is limited by the CPU. With component busses you can go up to 64 total tho.
  15. @Sellerino You're welcome. Glad you finally solved it ^^