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  1. Big Reactors Grid Control

    Well BRGC also has something like that, the regulation takes place on the energy, not the RPM Especially since max efficiency turbines peak out at 1780 RPM Also: @Ghan is 100% correct.
  2. Big Reactors Grid Control

    Not right now, no. I'll have to include the fuel levels into some decisions - that's going to require a bit of code changes here and there. I'm kinda burned out from traveling all over the place this weekend so... no code is going to be written for BRGC this week, sorry.
  3. Big Reactors Grid Control

    Its always prefering the one it thinks has the best efficiency. Since there is a lot of randomness going on, two identical reactors are never calibrated to exactly the same values. Even recalibrating a reactor may yield different results.
  4. Big Reactors Grid Control

    @blunge Sounds like it temperatures are jittering too much. I've gotta find a different way of finding "the" stable state.... @corbanj6534 If your reactors run out of fuel, the grid controller gets confused (or rather - it doesn't care). I'll put that on my TODO @Ghan Thanks for your input. A few pages back where I talked about the "overdrive" mechanic I've stated that I do not want to add a lot of state to the controller because that makes it increasingly harder to debug. I'd rather use an incredibly complicated algorithm that uses very little state than a very simple algorithm that uses a lot of state. Most of your suggestions require the controller to keep measurment values - a lot of them. You did give me an idea however: Decaying Maximum The issue with figuring out the maximum energy consumption is that if we blindly take the all time maximum, we're going to be trapped if there is a spike ONCE. This is bad obviously. We can counter this by keeping track of energy consumption over a given amount of time and aggregate things. This, however, requires to add a lot of state. So my idea now is to just take the maximum and have it decay over time. That way we have a maximum which will be affected by spikes but will not get trapped. The basic idea is the following: If storedMax <= current then storedMax = current else storedMax = storedMax * weight + (1 - weight) * current end "weight" is going to be inversely based on the energy storages fill level - similar to how the weighted energy consumption metric works but with a different range and curve. If the energy storage is full, we might not need to care too much about the maximum and it decays faster. Now we also need to keep track of the duration of these peaks. I plan on measuring the duration between first exceeding the "storedMax" value and a significant drop (not too sure on how to define this). The controller will then attempt to always keep "storedMax * duration" RF stored at all times. I'll see how this performs.... Again, thanks for the input. I'll keep you updated
  5. Big Reactors Grid Control

  6. Big Reactors Grid Control

    @corbanj6534 Absolutely, yes. You can mix types of storage components as well. Just make sure they're all connected to the same power network.
  7. Big Reactors Grid Control

    Hi @Gepetto, Lets start with the easy part: -> 3) You can safely edit the files with tab characters. It's just a display thingy. Now to the odd part: -> 1) Good catch - there is a bug in the grid controller init script: It forgets to initiate scanning for energy storage components on startup. However that raises another question: Why does it even find the energy storage blocks on computer startup on my test world in the first place? -> 2) I didn't read your EDIT at first and went bug hunting. But.... BRGC measures the energy that is output from your energy storage and substracts the amount of energy that is currently produced by components connected to it (aka turbines / reactors). If you feed it energy from an external source, your energy output becomes negative. Thus it is indeed INCREASING your CHARGE by not running anything. This is part of the logic that shuts down everything if you're not consuming any power and... as far as I'm concerned... the correct behavior (only produce as much power as needed). I'm guessing you're generating the ingrediends out of thin air (aka a farm)? Wouldn't it indeed be most efficient to not burn any fuel then? If you have a good idea on how to make the logic smarter I'm all ears. I guess I can see the issue you have with your energy storage being essentially empty all the time thus removing the advantage of having it in the first place.....
  8. Big Reactors Grid Control

    Ok - again for everyone here. BRGC does NOT work with your CPU set to Lua 5.3 right now. I have to at least change all my string.format uses throught the entire code for that to work. So unless I release an update: Do not attempt to use Lua 5.3 if you want to use the GUI. The controller itself works perfectly fine on 5.3 though.
  9. Big Reactors Grid Control

    The good news is: The controller itself seems to be working. The bad news is: While I know WHAT is happening (thanks to your big screenshot of the libGUI error), I don't know WHY. Essentially the rate with which RF is extracted from your reactor is calculated to be NAN. Of course getting NAN is simple: divide zero by zero, divide by infinity or use NAN in a calculation. And yes, there is a division in there somewhere but that one can't devide by zero. I made sure of it. The only numbers I get which are not under my control are the ones from extreme reactors. And I'll just assume those are not NAN as well So yeah.... I also just double checked in my test world that your setup should not be an issue at all. I kinda hate using this answer as a solution for everything lately, but: Is there a way for me to check this issue in person? Like: a world file or a server?
  10. Big Reactors Grid Control

    @Humpledink This looks like either a nil value is stuck somewhere. I need some more info here: What version of minecraft are you running? What does your setup look like? Also can you try to run brgcctrl service reactor runOnce and if that errors out please post the message? Thanks.
  11. Big Reactors Grid Control

    @mcshadowdrag I've never seen this kind of issue before. Maybe try to reinstall OpenOS? You can redownload the installer by doing rm /home/brgc_installer.lua and then wget it again.
  12. Big Reactors Grid Control

    Big Reactors Grid Control Version 4.2.4 has been released! Changelogs: - Fixed a bug that caused the grid controller to crash if more than one passive reactor is connected - Fixed a bug where the turbine controller would include disabled/suspended turbines steam input in the total steam requirements.
  13. Big Reactors Grid Control

    Just the installer though.... xD
  14. Big Reactors Grid Control

    No but you should check the amount of RAM you installed in the computer. Also the server might hit a memory limit somewhere... If nothing works, just clone your computers hdd
  15. Server Racks

    In order to use more than 16 components with a server you need to insert "Component Bus" Cards into the server. Each T3 card allows you to connect 16 more components to the server. In the rack GUI you can/have to connect the server to one side of your rack. Afterwards the server can access all components connected to this side and this side only so make sure to connect everything properly If you want to use the terminal server (doesn't work very good with the GUI btw) you also have to connect the terminal server to that side in the rack GUI. Monitors can of course be connected to said side of the rack as well. Side node: If you have more than one GPU and monitor in your server the GUI will pop up on your OTHER monitor and will give you back your shell on your primary monitor.