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Found 5 results

  1. Description: I need a Programm that can show the percentage fill of the DE Energy Core and 6 TE res. Cells. Function: I would like if it looks like that: It would great if a Tier 2 max Setup can Handle it, because the Diamond Nugget (Enhanced Portals) and the Diamond Chip (OC) conflicts with the recipe. Deadline: I dont need a Deadline but i would like to see it soon Additional Information: Simply ask me if you have other questions Thank you in advance ~Spirit
  2. Hello Minecraftians! Today I have released my first OpenComputers Program. Bellow I have screenshots and details. Please leave feedback OpenReactors is a program to monitor your BigReactor's reactor, Requirements are listed below Tier 2 Screen (Tier 3 recommended) Tier 2 Graphics card Internet Card (to download the program) Installation: run pastebin get x8G9XRrt open-reactors.lua Screenshots:
  3. Hello, I want a program for a 3x2 screen for monitoring power, input/output from a draconic energy core. I have 0 knowledge of programming. Any help/tutorials appreciated
  4. Hello OpenComputerers, i need some help. I am a very beginner and I never did something with Opencomputers or Computercraft. And I need to know how to print some basic text on the screen, without being able to see the 'run name'. Im sorry for this question.
  5. Hello, I'm working on a program to run my Big Reactor (ala Direwolf20's recent CC program) I started yesterday knowing very little about writing code and have managed to program the basic function which I wanted to start out with. I'm hoping to add more monitoring and adjustment functions later as I learn more, but this what I need to start off. I want my reactor to shut off when the energy buffer is at 90% and restart when the buffer is down to 10%. My buffer is currently 10mil RF. It works, once. If I run when the buffer is near full, it will shut down, and if I run the prog
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