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  1. I'm afraid it does not but perhaps I should add it...
  2. Saddamo, This application doesn't need much more information. once downloaded and ran it will guide you through with an install wizard , Somethings to note, that hopefull most people should know if they are using this program, is that the reactor needs a computer port and has to be connected to your computer. Second thing is that you need a touch compatible computer, which is why I said, under requirements, you need a tier 2 graphics card and screen.
  3. Hello Minecraftians! Today I have released my first OpenComputers Program. Bellow I have screenshots and details. Please leave feedback OpenReactors is a program to monitor your BigReactor's reactor, Requirements are listed below Tier 2 Screen (Tier 3 recommended) Tier 2 Graphics card Internet Card (to download the program) Installation: run pastebin get x8G9XRrt open-reactors.lua Screenshots:
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