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  1. I figured it out on my own, you just have to use wget with the URL of the file you want to download.
  2. I've made two simple libraries for controlling Stargates from the mod AUNIS: Resurrection, they can be found in This GitHub repository and can be used by anyone who wishes to use it. Any feedback on how to improve the libraries would be greatly appreciated!
  3. No, wait, that doesn't seem to work. Just use the classic "turn it off and then back on again" solution.
  4. I've made a library and am trying to save it to a floppy disk so I can put it in an ender chest, to ensure that I don't lose the file until I find a suitable place to upload it. But for some reason when I run cp to copy the file from the hard drive to the floppy, nothing happens. I type "cp -r -v /lib/... /mnt/309/lib/..." into the shell, it prints that the file was copied, but when I run "ls /mnt/309" it shows nothing. No directories, no files. Why isn't this working?
  5. I've started making my own libraries for doing certain tedious tasks, and I've considered putting them onto GitHub, but I am not sure if it could be possible to get files from a repository in OpenComputers. Is such a request possible? If so, are there preexisting programs to do so, or will I have to write one?
  6. Oh. The library just wasn't reloaded since it was last edited. Oh well, if anyone else is experiencing a problem like this, just set the entry for the library that needs to be reloaded in package.loaded to nil. require should completely reload the library the next time it's used.
  7. I'm working on a server that handles connections between Stargates in the mod AUNIS: Resurrection (Now known as Just Stargate Mod) and I created a simple library to make controlling the iris/shield on the connected gate less tedious, but when I attempt to call one of the functions in the library, I get an error which seems to indicate that the "iris" variable referencing the iris library is either nil or nonexistent. Why is this? I have attached the server and library lua files below for debugging. server.lua iris.lua
  8. The server has power, a lua EEPROM, a tier 3 cpu and gpu, 4 tier 3 memory modules and hard disk drives, but I can't boot it up.
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