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    cadergator10 got a reaction from Mobil Game 06 in Servertine: Modular and powerful server and database system   
    I got a plan on what I do!
    I'm beginning work on the 4.0.0 update! Technically it's not a complete rewrite, but I do want to completely rewrite it in the future, so I don't care. It's big enough I feel it deserves the number
    Please note I do plan on making a video on this thing to explain the update, so if you don't understand much of this it might make more sense. Here is a shameless plug https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC492g_YuYcWKRIeQD3kqdQ
    The main thing with this update is the modules system: I have a website I'm making!!! Here are some screenshots of the INCREDIBLY BETA website design (some buttons will be missing as this is my admin account, but whatever)

    So yeah, you can create your modules and easily set them up yourself on the website. Basically MineOS' app store, but you do it on a website instead of the minecraft program itself.
    Currently as of this moment, I have all the module stuff supported only (I think it all works), but I plan on adding all other sorts of features. The MAJOR features being the ability to report issues with the module developer themselves (as well as possible automatic reporting if it crashes!!!), forums and wiki, and all sorts of other fun QOL things. It's my way of expanding my own knowledge of programming as I reach college and a future career.
    But enough of backend server stuff, you're here for the program itself! And here we goooo:
    ...ok a little anti-climatic, but most updates will be to the modules themselves. I plan on refining them as well as adding all (or at least most) the enhancements requested, but I'm too lazy to post all of it here, so I'm gonna do it in a video because that's... easier... yeah.
    BUUUUT I do have plans on Servertine. I want to split off of MineOS and use the creator's GUI API here https://github.com/IgorTimofeev/GUI
    It's a little more legacy than MineOS' and will require refactoring, but I can use this and modify OpenOS (if i learn how to) to create a standalone OS which starts up and stays inside of the Database. It's a little cheaty than making my own OS but "ain't nobody got time for that"
    Safe to say I got massive visions for this (more than I've even put here). So if you have any other requests and such I'll be ready to hear. But I gotta get back to work. I've been procrastinating on my history homework for 4 hours straight watching youtube between TF2, Murder Drones, and other stupid stuff and I gotta actually get it done good lordie.
    (note: My power supply is still not freaking here from the last post. Good lord MSI, I need it to even run the server. Can't have a server without power)
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