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Servertine: Modular and powerful server and database system

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Servertine is an easy to use platform to build programs off of with some extra features in them. It is mainly comprised of the Server (Hub for all messages), the Database (Used to easily configure settings on the server), and the SerpAPI (used to connect your programs to the server). Why use the serpentine system? Well, you get

  1. Encrypted messages (dont have anyone snooping on your messages)
  2. Dedicated ports and automatic port searching (multiple systems can theoretically be in your world)
  3. A clean looking server GUI to log your modules messages
  4. Dedicated tab in the database for database module
  5. Built in support for the range extender to the SerpAPI to have a computer anywhere in the world connect to the server (provided the server is chunkloaded)
  6. Inter-module communication (build addons for modules you already made)
  7. Module installation tool on the database
  8. User Sign-in and Permissions (Give certain users permission to change certain settings on the database, or restrict them entirely.


    Server: Run wget -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/cadergator10/Opencomputers-serpentine/main/server/server.lua server.lua and run it.

    Database: Install MineOS on a computer, go to the appstore, and look for Servertine database

Github here: https://github.com/cadergator10/Opencomputers-serpentine

As of the moment of writing this, the serpAPI "might" be broken. It has not been tested yet, and the securityAPI (modified version for the Security system module) is broken, so i am unsure atm.

Images coming soon :)

I do plan on streaming the major testing of the system sometime very soon, to ensure it all is bug free.

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