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  1. Cool OS - but many Programs like 'Geoscan', 'Holoclock' etc. are currently still in Russian-Language
  2. I think that the current state with a Computer-Case with Slots for RAM etc is already a combination of Mainboard+PSU+Case, just easier to handle But what you mean are the difference between CD, USB and Multicore-CPU apart of the texture?
  3. I guess Robot's crafted out 'Creative Computer Case' doesnt need Power
  4. Next time hit the EDIT button on the bottom-left of your Post and change everything you need.. That whould be better. As i posted in your other Thread: In /bin/ you find all Programs you can run. For a general help type helpFor a Help from the Program type E.g.:rm Please post a Screenshot.
  5. Its the same behavior like with Unix / Linux: cd bin ls cd .. cd lib cd /
  6. I've coded a simple methode with ComputerCraft to export all Items with a damage value of >= 6 : http://pastebin.com/NbC59sfW But with OpenComputers i still not have a working way
  7. Hello. Is it possible to add to next OC Version a Feature to edit a Database entry? I need to modify several Database Entries, but not over the .store() functions... Thanks!
  8. No. As i sayd: The Items have different damage values.. Well i can only add max. 81 entries to a Database but i have much more items with different damage values in my ME System (Uranium Rods are stackable but i have ~100 single stacks in the ME Network) The only idea i had was something with the inventory_controller or geolyzer but i dont know if the ME_Network can get handled like an Inventory? didnt tested that yet.. I need a way to add something to Database without extra peripheral.. something where i can directly access the Database and store/erase entries.... Does anyone k
  9. What is if you change 'binary' write-mode to normal? -> "w" instead of "wb" And does the directory 'bankAccounts/' exists? Add something like if not fs.isDir("bankAccounts") then fs.makeDir("bankAccounts") endbefore your loop..And btw: instead of using ev.pull("modem_message") inside of a loop you should use event.listen("modem_message", <yourfunction>) but after that you still need something so script doesnt quit -> a loop E.g.: if not fs.isDir("bankAccounts") then fs.makeDir("bankAccounts") end function messageReceived(event, localAddress, remoteAddress, port, se
  10. It was set to default and its max: 400 actually i have set it to 200 but on default the problem was there too.. That was just an example - i have more commands as only "off" Another example is, that the computer always sends a "ping" via broadcast and if a new client (robot) is in network it should get added to a GUI on computer.. but also this "pong" doesnt arrive allways but the robot doesnt repeats again... Maybe it get clear if you have a look to the code: Computer: http://pastebin.com/hfjT7e8s ...importend code for this begins @line 199 Robot: http://pastebin.com/FT4Uu
  11. Hm. The Problem is that i want to send Commands which the 'receiver' execute. It would be bad if the 'receiver' execute that Command more than one time only coz the 'sender' didnt know that his command got arrived... As example: I have a Computer with touch-screen. Now i click on a "OFF" button to tell Robot#1 to turn reactor off. The problem now is that this command not always arrives and i need to click it again... My idea now was to code something like a queue - a table with 'destinationAddress' and 'command' local commandQueue = {} remoteAddress = 'abcde-fghi...' commandQueue.remoteA
  12. Is there a way to verify that a modem_message was received? As i know a send() doesnt means that the message will 100% arrive - even like UDP. I want to send Commands over Wireless Network but need to be sure that it really arrive and if not to repeat sending it... like a command-queue or so.. An example code whould be helpful Thanks!
  13. Hi. Im searching for a methode to export damaged items from an AE2 Network. The Items have different damage values.. My situation: I have several Nuclear Reactor's which gets controlled by Robots. The Robot's sometimes drops not fully used Uranium Rods back into my AE2 Network to prevent explosion.. Im using a Quantum Network Bridge over 2 dimensions and have no ME_Controller where i want to export the damaged Items, so im using following Setup: - Adapter connected to a Computer. - ME_Interface placed on Adapter and connected to my AE2 Network. - right-clicked an Database
  14. I dont get it ... Where you mean should i right-(shift)click the upgrade ? //EDIT: Now i read it in the in-game-manual: right-clicking with the database in hand.
  15. I cant find Informations about how to add something to the Database component ... Only over the Inventory Controller store() but is there no other way?
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