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  1. Just wanted to update, I'm sorry to say that I no longer play Minecraft, all of my projects on here are free for anyone to take for this game.
    I can't give sources, you can thank Western Digital for that (online backups were outdated and not worth looking into).
    and as I can no longer edit my content now that it's archived, the links in my content are no longer valid (G-Photos links won't be valid for much longer)
    My developments will be shifted over to Minetest now that Microsoft no longer has a handle on me.

    1. DarkPikachu


      For those wondering what happened...
      Life happened, I've been waiting for a Minecraft replacement so I could get out of Microsoft's grasp for a while now.
      But that aside Western Digital sucks, this is the 2nd time I lost my source to their 4th dead drive
      The first time I lost my source was to my stupidity resizing a partition after copying to it before the files settled in the journal.

      Discord also sucks, they refuse to fix a login bug that a hacker used to cause me so much stress over protecting a kid
      (they deleted everything in, griefed a community he now admins (I'm now banned from) with, and spammed a bunch of members with my profile)
      ^ A discord staff member gave my token to that hacker
      You'll never see me on Discord again, in fact, I recommend everyone get off that lousy platform.

  2. huh? it looks like the typical stuff... +1 to that but I think Firiusfoxx's translation of the liscense lead to that. EDIT: also that last line translated different for me, but it still makes no sense... heh
  3. lol, I will admit, if it's uber long and from a at least semi-trusted company like Adobe (not Microsoft), I usually skip over it because it usually says what you expect it to. but otherwise, good luck getting roped up in hidden offers, or sued for created content because of the fine print you didn't read.
  4. Who doesn't read liscenses?? I'm sure most smart people don't want to be scammed or controlled and will double check what they download to make sure it isn't malicious. humor or not, what's in the liscense is a very serious issue, and if MineOS is spyware, it should be taken with caution. (I've been busy with many other things and haven't had the chance to even look at the src to see if it really is spyware)
  5. yeah, I can't validate the slavery part... yet... but let's see him control my Minecraft while I have no internet. as far as the security goes though, it's only as secure as you allow your oc network to be. (you can't complain if you allow others to access your computer) at least he can't get me for redistributing his os (haven't posted my image anywhere but here)
  6. for future reference, please use spoilers... but if I had to guess, you're missing image files... did you use my image, or the online install?? if my image, you may be dealing with the HDD resetting itself from being in a slot when copying everything over, which is why I detailed in an earlier post to drag the HDD out of the Minecraft window when copying from the archive. if online, your network may have a bad connection, or you're on a slow computer. ^both of these cause failure of the internet card on various streams (the result is not what's expected). I tried building an OS that loads it's contents directly from web streams (for drones) using my own file server. I kept getting failure to download errors because my computer lacks power.
  7. I just realized, why is there no terminal app!? D: EDIT: let alone a window manager... good god this is about as bad as Android KitKat. I'll give some credit though, at least it runs, though I can't say it runs well... just like my main project, haha.
  8. I did get that, but I don't remember how I fixed it... Are you installing everything correctly??
  9. I would like to look into that error and fix it myself, but I got other stuff in the way atm: UGE, SIDE, UGESL, OCHL, my forum (plugins), and a bunch of sub-projects for all those major projects... I'm also working on some stuff (such as an OS) for OCLights, where it's screens have blitted framebuffers that can display in 24bit color, and can even display images through it's API.
  10. hold the CPU in your hand and R-click (I forget if you need to Shift)
  11. is that with my image?? I think I get that error when I use lua 5.3... try switching the cpu to the older API and it should work.
  12. I've been translating a few things here a there on my phone, but I wouldn't go as far as to start uploading anything any time soon on this stupid thing... keeping it to 1 file a time until I get some real internet. ;) (whenever that'll be 9_9) if nobody does anything before then, I'll have some treats for people ;)
  13. EDIT: (stupid max character length) the link has been updated it should work now ;)
  14. oh... that could be the config file... oops... I've removed the download on mega for now, I'll edit it with the new link when I rebuild and upload tomorrow... haha EDIT: just to note, I'm only modifying the config file, MineOS creates new entries when you first login, so it's pretty much the same image :P I'm not too worried about my insecure actions, as the OS doesn't do a good job of protecting the information anyways... lol but to add, I won't ever be stupid enough to put anything needing security on my machines to begin with... :P
  15. @LastAIif by locked you mean frozen (at the boot screen), it happens to me too, just restart the computer, it will eventually get through. that was the glitch I reported earlier, and yes, it happens quite often... I think it's due to your real computer not having enough power to run Minecraft well, wait until your FPS picks up for the best results. (my computer runs Minecraft at around 16 to 24 FPS, for comparison)
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