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  1. 98.3% of opencomputers seems to be a constant stream of errors... this is one of those times, this means that i will have to look for alternate solutions.... technically all i want to do is have a computer run a piece of code every so often but in a way that doesn't interfere with other programs i have running, in short i need a loop that won't act as while true do in the sense that it won't prevent me from doing anything else but it still runs in a loop. i've been overcomplicating things..
  2. rather annoyingly Opencomputers got threads added in an update later than 1.7.10 meaning that i can't use threads, any chance it could work with coroutines in a similar way?
  3. it gave this error: i have no clue what the problem is...
  4. i want to control something using opencomputers that requires it to constantly check something and act based on that input but i want to be able to do other things as well so it needs to run in the background and run constantly without using a while true do loop as i don't want it to interfere with any other background programs i have running, please help if you can.
  5. i want to have multiple screens connected to the same computer but i want to be able to type a command and it will switch the screens displaying the computer or even have all the screens showing the same computer, is this possible, if so please help. thanks in advance -XanderRadio
  6. i am making a server for my modded base on a server and i need it to be able to run several programs at once so that i can control multiple things at the same time, i would like to be able to also create new programs and modify code without interrupting the other programs running on the server. if this is possible please help, try to make the solution as simple and explainable as you can as i am rather new to open computers coding as far as crazy advanced stuff goes so try to make it have as few lines and variables as possible... thanks in advance, XanderRadio
  7. as the title says, i want to make a server mainframe for controlling various things in a modded base. i want to have a computer in each room that i can type a program name and it will run it as if i was typing it on the mainframe console, that's probably the easy bit. the hard bit is i want to be able to type a special command and it will allow me to write programs to the raid array in the server room, on a separate network separated by about 10 network relays... yeah, it's a bit ambitious considering i am a bit of a noob at opencomputers, i can do basic stuff but nothing close to what most of
  8. for some reason when i request the server on my network for a modem_message value it gives the previous one. e.g i request the distance it gives me the port. i don't think it's a problem with the code but here it is anyway hope someone can help.
  9. I'm trying to setup a system so that when the network server receives a modem_message it does something based on the message and just based on the message not the distance or the address of the sender, however when i run the program, ( All of the code for which is on the left) and i send a message to the server it spits out this: if someone could please tell me what i have done wrong i would be very grateful as troubleshooting on my own was pretty much impossible.
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