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  1. Just wanted to say that I think I was drunk writing kage, so I'm rewriting that now. Repositories are going to have a ".kageinstall" file shown by the formatting scheme below. Formatting Guide Dependencies can sometimes be a gift -- Libraries that your program would need can be easily downloaded. kage makes this easy due to the ability to download files from other GitHub repositories Making a subsection is simply like the syntax below, but wrapped between a header and a footer line. The header line is denoted by: User/Repository { The footer line is denoted by: } Inbetween the two lines you should place installation lines (see below). Files will be dynamically downloaded from reference in the file. To show where a file will be located, you can use the following syntax: usr/bin/kage.lua => usr/bin/kage.lua First, the file references are stored into a table. Then, kage checks to make sure that each file is available (this stacks for dependencies, so don't be overwriting files). Third, kage then downloads each file and outputs the content into each directory. If there are any problems with the syntax, please, feel free to contact me or whatever.
  2. ! Thanks again for enabling that.
  3. Alissa


    It's all cool -- I need to actually review chaos' formatting right now.
  4. Suggestion -- set text to black when you're displaying brighter colors to improve readability?
  5. Can you make the BIOS throw an error about security or something when downloading using HTTP versus HTTPS? Security is kind of a big issue if you want to boot an entire OS from the internet.
  6. Hologram. Incorrect spelling. Besides that, this looks like an excellent program. I was actually interested in building something like this myself.
  7. Alissa


    Correction: Also, please note that some files would appear to be missing. They're not, just aliased to programs I've made to replace through other programs.
  8. chaos: Entropy Taking Effect A new operating system for OpenComputers, programmed by AlissaSquared Entropy is the level of disorder and order in a system. When entropy is left to itself to take effect, it can be extrapolated. The smallest of tweaks to the system can extrapolate into much bigger things. Many people call this time taking it's effect, but the true name is chaos. This is how my operating system, chaos, was created. Starting from small tweaks to OpenOS, I eventually took the time to fork the operating system and start publishing what I thought was greater additions to the operating system. Changing the structure to the file system, modifying man page directories, adding configuration to the init scripts, all of these are additions I considered were worthy of expansion to my chaos. In time, many more things will be added because chaos can only grow. Thank you for your time reviewing this operating system. Features Fully compatible with OpenOS Installable via downloading a GitHub repository, or via the kage program (which does the same thing as a GitHub repository, but updates) Reformatted file structure to allow for separation of default files versus user installed Sectionlike structure of the man program Environmental variables settable via file Installation The program can be installed via kage by using: kage install ChickenNuggers/chaos <mountpoint>This program also exists on https://github.com/ChickenNuggers/chaos. Contributions Contributions are welcome. If it weren't for a want to contribute to something, the operating system wouldn't exist, so why should I be a hypocrite and say such things? Despite the fact that I encourage contributions, I also reserve the right to cancel any contribution I dislike for any reason, without stating the reason if I prefer to. If you have any questions about why something was denied, feel free to contact me on IRC in #oc or #Alissa.
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