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GUI: extremely fast advanced interface library

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PgjHnyn.png Qf2nBht.png

oxOM8KC.png c8c83ca6d4c852d12b2d95499e150042.png

218659c1dac6c3bfae3632e3fb1a08a6.png 7eed4855a7d60a6a4a38d076bb3d9ced.png

d03dfd6d1be3cac6a8b8725a095685fb.png c973c94965710b5544a91355986ca045.png

This is an object-oriented library, the main priority of which is the maximum possible performance. It works on the double buffering concept, it has a lot of widgets, animations and custom event handlers support. All programs from the screenshots above are implemented with its help. If you want to develop a fast and beautiful program in just a few lines of code without butthurt - then this library is made for you.

Detailed illustrated documentation, installation methods and tons of practical examples are available at:


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This is lovely! I've been waiting for you to release this standalone.. Even wrote my own port of it a while ago. Cool!

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On 7/9/2018 at 4:23 AM, freacknate09 said:

Where can I download the programs shown? I am gonna get the libraries, but I want those programs also

  1. It's an application market from MineOS (can be installed via pastebin run 0nm5b1ju)
  2. It's an IDE that comes with MineOS
  3. Settings application for changing wallpapers, screensavers, formatting disks, etc. Also comes with MineOS
  4. Draconic reactor control application, source code was lost on server a year ago
  5. Raycasting demo application, it's available to download in App Market
  6. Weather forecasting is also available to download in same place
  7. Something like Steam trade market, i'm too lazy to share it cause of binding to specific php scripts
  8. 3D rendering application. Also can be downloaded from App Market

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