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  1. HI@all Is it possible to get information from the ME-Controller which items are currently crafted? The API is all about getting craftables, start craft-jobs programmaticaly and supervise them. If the answer is no, would it be a good idea to file a feature request? Thanks in advance! gl&hf! selli
  2. Hey Molinko! Thanks for the fast reply. Your suggestion to use threads was the right hint over the bump! I understand your concerns about the reactiveness of the GUI, but my programm logic is very small. The level of a fluid tank is read every second and a rs-output is set/unset by it's value with a hysteresis. Also the fluid level is written to the GUI. Nothing special, most of the time my logic idles. Edit: Ah, one thing: When I update GUI objects in my programm logic, I have to call application:draw(true) to actualize the values visible. Thanks again! gl&hf!
  3. Hi Igor! Thanks for this great library and the documentation. Great Job! I built a GUI for a complex mobfarm, everything is working as expected. But I have some questions: 1. How do I integrate my program logic to the application? I mean the part of the programm, that typically resides in a "while true do ... end" loop? By the moment the application(start) is called I have no more control. Is there a callback of the application which is called cyclically? 2. How do I update texts/labels during runtime? 3. How do I realize multiline texts/labels? "\n" or"\r" control characters do not work. 4. I found an error in the documentation on GitHub: In the properties table of the GUI.text section, the properties width and height are mentioned, but they are not part of the initialisation. Maybe my LUA knowledge is too low and the answers are obvious. In this case: I am sorry! gl&hf!
  4. Hey! Thanks for the tutorial. I learned a lot from it! Unfortunately I had problems to access the library functions from the main program. This was because the name "move" for the lib doesn't work. I changed the libs name to "movebot" and now everything works fine. My OC version is Maybe this information helps others with the same problem. gl&hf
  5. Hi XyFreak! First of all, thank you for this really good piece of software. My question: Is there a possibility to cap the "100%" value for the grid capacitor to a lower level? Backround is, I have a massive solar array I want to combine with the reactors/turbines to a main power line. By the moment I inject the solar power to the capacitor bank the brgc is monitoring. The problem is now, that the turbines/reactors try to charge the capacitors during night time to 100%. It would be better when the reactors/turbines charge only to 50% because during daytime i have overproduction from the solars i dont want to waste (when capacitors are full). Is there a way to alter the code or is there a possibility to add an configuration value? Or should I simply wire my power grid just in another way? Thanks forward!
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