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  1. HI@all Is it possible to get information from the ME-Controller which items are currently crafted? The API is all about getting craftables, start craft-jobs programmaticaly and supervise them. If the answer is no, would it be a good idea to file a feature request? Thanks in advance! gl&hf! selli
  2. Hey Molinko! Thanks for the fast reply. Your suggestion to use threads was the right hint over the bump! I understand your concerns about the reactiveness of the GUI, but my programm logic is very small. The level of a fluid tank is read every second and a rs-output is set/unset by it's value with a hysteresis. Also the fluid level is written to the GUI. Nothing special, most of the time my logic idles. Edit: Ah, one thing: When I update GUI objects in my programm logic, I have to call application:draw(true) to actualize the values visible. Thanks again! gl&hf!
  3. Hi Igor! Thanks for this great library and the documentation. Great Job! I built a GUI for a complex mobfarm, everything is working as expected. But I have some questions: 1. How do I integrate my program logic to the application? I mean the part of the programm, that typically resides in a "while true do ... end" loop? By the moment the application(start) is called I have no more control. Is there a callback of the application which is called cyclically? 2. How do I update texts/labels during runtime? 3. How do I realize multiline texts/labels? "\n" or"\r" control cha
  4. Hey! Thanks for the tutorial. I learned a lot from it! Unfortunately I had problems to access the library functions from the main program. This was because the name "move" for the lib doesn't work. I changed the libs name to "movebot" and now everything works fine. My OC version is Maybe this information helps others with the same problem. gl&hf
  5. Thats what I am looking for! Thnks!
  6. Hi XyFreak! First of all, thank you for this really good piece of software. My question: Is there a possibility to cap the "100%" value for the grid capacitor to a lower level? Backround is, I have a massive solar array I want to combine with the reactors/turbines to a main power line. By the moment I inject the solar power to the capacitor bank the brgc is monitoring. The problem is now, that the turbines/reactors try to charge the capacitors during night time to 100%. It would be better when the reactors/turbines charge only to 50% because during daytime i have overproduction from
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