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OC GUI lib

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I've started a very simple GUI library for open computers has I had some time available. only 4 controls are implemented (window, button, text and input) but i'll be working on more.


the git repo is at https://github.com/mcCURS0R/myOcPrograms/tree/master/curlib


the readme.md with an example is at: https://github.com/mcCURS0R/myOcPrograms/blob/master/curlib/README.md




we code is alpha quality code and the implementation of the inputbox is not properly reviewed as some key_down events are being missed probably because of the drawtime of the control or something. if some event isn't pulled in time it's dropped by the OS?

I'm very new to Lua and opencomputers so please be nice! :)


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Your code does not look bad but it is probably the 5th try of programming a GUI library.

So please have a look at my project: https://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/580-gui-api-064beta/

and tell me what you think about it. Currently it is the most advanced GUI library but i don't have time for further development.

So if you think my code is a good base for a gui and you are a good programmer, feel free to clone it and continue the development. I will try to assist the development by explaining the code if something is not clear.

Would be a shame if we had 5 GUI library attempts but none that is really advanced and in active development..

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