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OpenComputers v1.5.20

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OpenComputers 1.5.20 is out! Bunch of fixes, some small additions. This will probably the last 1.5 version (unless breaking bugs pop up), I'll now focus on 1.6.

As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating.

Download on Curse.

  • Added: compareStackToDatabase to inventory controller upgrade and transposer.
  • Added: Converter to expose enchantment info of item stacks.
  • Added: French localization of the ingame manual (Pyeroh).
  • Added: German localization of the ingame manual (Shadow1Raven).
  • Added: Setting to disable light emission of hologram projectors.
  • Changed: Updated to new Forestry API.
  • Fixed: Break speed of ForgeMultipart-ified cables.
  • Fixed: Hoverboots applying slowness debuff when power usage is disabled.
  • Fixed: Incompatibility with Chisel allowing chiseling chests into ender chests.
  • Fixed: Missing NBT check when merging item stacks collected by agents after breaking a block.
  • Fixed: Nanomachines not working in dimensions other than the overworld.
  • Fixed: Potential crash when using OC's commands.
  • Fixed: Potential crash with multiple chargers and chargees.
  • Fixed: Potential overflow when using stupidly large file system sizes in the config.
  • Fixed: Slightly higher latency in relays than intended.


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