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VEB For Banks

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VEB For Banks is a yet to be released Banking Program for OpenComputers, it runs on low tier computers but works best with a tier 2 screen. The Program allows you to manage bank accounts and transactions as well as record player banking activity over time. It has an install wizard and is quite automated so u wont need to know much about programming for it to work.

Computer Requirements:
Basic Components
OpenOS (Lua 5x)

Tier 2 Components
Tier 2 Screen and Graphics Card
OpenOS (Lua 5x)

Feel free to add comments, I would love recommendations

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I think I uploaded Rough Diamond to my Github, however you will have to import it to a Floppy Disk yourself, I don't feel comfortable making a program that rips from pastebin for security.


To install it, make a floppy disk in game, add a random file to it and save the file, then go back to the main menu.

After that, open the world directory and find the address of the floppy disk under the oc folder, insert the contents of the zip folder into the disk and then go back into your world, change your directory to the disk and run setup.lua

This is called Rough Diamond for a reason, because it's Alpha and Has a few bugs, RC 1.5 is coming along with new features month by month.

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