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accessing components over separate networks


i have components attached to one computer and i want to interact with them from a different computer using network messages.

would it be possible to have network  message names correspond to specific components and have the network message contents be treated as the command for the component?

for instance if the message name was "reactor" and the message contents was ".getReactorInfo().temperature",  it would be run on the receiving computer as if i typed "reactor.getReactorInfo().temperature" in a lua terminal and it would send the output back to  the computer i sent the message from.

would that work? if so, how would i go about doing it?

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Think it would be much easier to give "trigger" messages to the other computers inside a table, like with maybe "message.block", "message.command", where message.block sets the computer that listens to this blockname and will run the command given in "message.command". like maybe:

message ={ block = "reactor",
	 command = "temp",}

the listening computer at the reactor would listen for "if message.block == "reactor" and would get the info if  message.command is == "temp", then it would create a new 'message-table' with the info inside to send back. I would go for something like this.

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