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Warehouse System with auto sorting, item retrieval and packing, and more.

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Hello, it's me again, Cade. Y'know, the guy who's pretty much filled up the activity history list on the home page... yeah I'm back.


I'm working on a Warehouse system for Open Computers. This is what I'm planning on having:


  • Robots which do the work of grabbing items, sorting them, and packaging them in shulker boxes (if requested)
  • A* Pathfinding with preferences (a robot is more likely to go above a block than go around it due to less steps)
  • Collision detection (Robot in the way, request a repath)
  • Possible integration with OpenSecurity Rolldoors (Place checkpoints inside the warehouse that the robots can request to be opened. Good for exits from the main warehouse area.)
  • Auto-assortment into necessary bins (Certain chests will be associated with a type of item only, or if you need it, make them go into the miscellaneous area.
  • Shulker box packages (put all requested items in a shulker to be outputted)
  • Stock takes (Count items in the entire warehouse)
  • I might add a store system so you can have people pay you for items.
  • And more!

I'll post updates here when I start getting progress in, but at the moment, there is not really anything that is done. I did make an A* pathfinding script that works with the robot, which I might make a video about. Well, fun times ahead, wish you all adieu :P

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