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I've been trying to create a few arguments for a GUI I've been working on, and trying to use the RC script's complimentary cfg system to do so, and thus have a list with 4 items in it, so my rc.cfg looks as thus:

enabled = {"startup"}
startup = {}
startup[col0] = 0xFF9200
startup[col1] = 0xFF6D00
startup[col2] = 0x000000
startup[col3] = 0xFFFFC0


My problem is that when I actually go to my startup.lua program I don't actually understand how to access these arguments, and looking in the example.lua has yet to avail me of any answers as to how it actually works, could someone please explain it to me in layman's terms

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RC args are accessible from the start method in your startup.lua module under the args env name. Its a little complicated but basically when your startup rc module is loaded the rc.cfg variable with the same name (startup) is accessible as args in your module.

-- # rc.cfg
enabled = {"startup"}

startup = {}
-- # this table notation requires quotes btw
startup["col0"] = 0xFF9200
startup["col1"] = 0xFF6D00
startup["col2"] = 0x000000
startup["col3"] = 0xFFFFC0
-- # /etc/rc.d/startup.lua
local gpu = require("component").gpu

function start(cfgColor, text)
  local color = args[cfgColor] -- # the `args` table here is your `startup` table as defined in /etc/rc.cfg
  local ofg = gpu.setForeground(color)

-- # call start from the cmd line like so..
-- > rc startup start col2 "this is colored text"


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