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High Precision computer.pull/event.pull

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I was wondering if there is any chance to see a high precision computer.pull function in OpenComputers, allowing to have timeouts below one tick (I believe the currently used computer.uptime only returns time with .05 s precision).

With that in hand, non-blocking sleeps and timers for small time intervals should be realizable. I was trying to implement this in openOS by adding a computer.pull function using os.clock instead of computer.uptime and changing some other libs accordingly, but it didn't work out.

So I'm asking if there is any reason against adding a higher precision version of computer.pull to "machine"?


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for a polite server load, we let the minecraft server runtime decide when to pick back up our threads, and thus we cannot give lower precision that we currently have.

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Ok, I forgot the program doesn‘t always run in the executor thread.

Too bad there are only ways to have blocking high precision sleeps and timers and no non-blocking alternatives...

But anyways, thanks alot :)

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