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  1. payonel

    Edit Bin Locatons...

    I recommend using `/usr/bin` for your personal programs
  2. payonel

    Keyboard trouble

    share your code, if you would thanks
  3. payonel

    Big Reactors Grid Control

    i can do that later tonight
  4. payonel

    Big Reactors Grid Control

    understood. again (for others reading here), http://ci.cil.li/job/OpenComputers-MC1.7.10/1178/ will they need that for other mc versions?
  5. payonel

    Big Reactors Grid Control

    @XyFreak you can hack-fix this if your users don't want to update OC (again, sorry) by `_G.bit32 = require("bit32")`
  6. payonel

    Big Reactors Grid Control

  7. payonel

    Big Reactors Grid Control

    yep, should always require("bit32"), it is not intended to be global (we aren't clearing it from _G in boot). I'll fix in dev. sorry
  8. payonel

    Big Reactors Grid Control

    what openos bug?
  9. payonel

    Drawing things on screen (2 part question)

    1. you'll have to calculate stretching math yourself 2. our graphics are text based, not pixel based
  10. payonel

    Does more active Components drain more Power?

    screens drain power if chars are visible, regardless of machine state -- though note that screens are turned off when a machine poweroff occurs
  11. These types of questions are more likely to be seen by our developer team using our github: https://github.com/MightyPirates/OpenComputers/issues To be honest, I'm fine leaving it the way it is. It's one of those things that has been that way for a long time and people have been using it. This would be a type of breaking change to anyone with existing scripts.
  12. payonel

    Big Reactors Grid Control

    @XyFreak what were you wanting from the thread library that it isn't doing? @hron84I haven't tested the openos updater myself, but we haven't had a incompatibility change between the base mod and the OS for quite a while (some time in the 1.5 -> 1.6 time frame is the last time that happened)
  13. payonel

    Noobs need help too!

    local term = require("term") term.clear() print("text")
  14. payonel

    Noobs need help too!

    after you build a computer that can boot with the openos floopy in the disk drive, run `install` so that your rootfs isn't read only, it'll reboot, then you can write scripts edit - a simple tool for editing files simple script: ``` print("hello what is your name?") local name = io.read() print("hello", name) ``` we're on OC 1.7 these days, but the 1.4 tutorials are still helpful
  15. payonel

    This code isn't working, I don't know why

    also, to use term, you need to require (import, include) it ``` local term = require("term") term.clear() print("tada") ```

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