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4 Choices

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This is that game where you make a story and give four choices. After that, the next person continues the story, gives more choices, whatever.

Already exists on other forums, but I did not see it on this forum.

I guess the mods would mod this game (wait, no, there is no guessing, only knowing)

So I guess, to start

You are in a room with a bed. Do you
a) Sleep
b) Stand
c) Leave room
d) Open window


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Okay, I'll humor you since nobody else is.

a) Leave room

You find yourself at the end of a long hallway devoid of any siderooms.
The floors and walls reek of zealously applied wood stain, and there is
only enough light to pick out some crude iron bolts loosly attached to
the floorboards in place of nails. You cannot pick out any exit, but
the hall extends towards the SOUTH.

Do you:
 a) Go back
 b) Attempt to lift bolt
 c) Walk down hall
 d) Yell


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Congrats on first OC post @LDD!

 c) Walk down hall
You walk down the hall for a few minutes. It appears to a very long hallway, and you still cannot find an exit. It is probably useless to yell.
Do you:
	a) Go back
	b) Attempt to lift bolts
	c) Continue walking
	d) Attempt to punch through the wall
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d) Attempt to punch through the wall
	You attempt to punch through the wall... except you're not in Minecraft, you just hurt yourself.
Do you:
    a) Continue punching
    b) Continue walking
    c) Get back
    d) Look around


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b) You check if there is a phone in your pockets.

There is a phone in your pockets, but when you turned it on,
you realized it was on 1%.

Do you:
a) Try to find a charger somewhere
b) Use a GPS service
c) Send an SOS call
d) Use it's torch to see if there are any other exits (remember, it has low battery and will not last long)


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