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Creating a Move library

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Hi guys,

I started playing with OCC again and putting the videos on YouTube. I'd love to get some feedback from you guys and some pointers on what to do next. Check it out here:


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I love that you're posting OC videos on youtube! Definitely not enough content out there to enjoy . I would suggest a perhaps more simple handler for the list of movements though.

-- # The almighty lookup table
local actions = {
  f = robot.forward,
  b = robot.back,
  u = robot.up,
  d = robot.down,
  tl = robot.turnLeft,
  tr = robot.turnRight,
  ta = function() -- # turn around 
         local status, reason
         for i = 1, 2 do
           status, reason = robot.turnLeft()
           if not status then break end
         return status, reason
  s = robot.swing,
  su = robot.swingUp,
  sd = robot.swingDown,

function move.act(act)
  if not actions[act] then return false, "Undefined act" end
  return actions[act]()


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Thanks! That looks so much better, I think as of the 3rd episode I have something like this:

actions['f'] = robot.forward

Any idea on projects to work on? Other than creating an army remotely controlled robot which I'll definitely do sooner or later.

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I think some form of navigation library and server would be great. Imagine a robot or drone wants to go somewhere in your base. You could write a server that calculates a path from point 'A' to point 'B' and serves a path string (like the one your library uses) back to the robot/drone. Maybe have the server update knowledge of the base layout with a robot / drone using a geolyzer so it can give clear paths to clients. It's a mouthful but could keep other programs very simple and would be very reusable.

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Thanks for the tutorial. I learned a lot from it!

Unfortunately I had problems to access the library functions from the main program. This was because the name "move" for the lib doesn't work. I changed the libs name to "movebot" and now everything works fine.

My OC version is

Maybe this information helps others with the same problem.


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