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Not enough info in API.


So recently I have been playing Minecraft with the OC mod, and this just couldn't let me progress: the API doesn't tell you which functions components have.

To be exact, when I type this script:



I don't know which functions the component "3D Printer" has. For example, I want to print something but don't know the functions for it. I've tried typing "printer" in the terminal, but the output Is too large, and the first few lines sink in the flood of new lines!

Please, tell me if there's a fix!

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firstly, always declare your identifiers as local unless you intend to create global variables for use and effect in other scripts.

local component = require("component")
local printer = component.printer3d

secondly, you could iterate the component proxy, it is a table

for k, v in pairs(printer) do
	print(k, type(v))

or you can use the command line tool, components

/home # components

and you can list functions and doc details of component using the -l option, and you can filter the components listed specifying a name

/home # components -l printer3d


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Also, all the base components should have a page on the official wiki. I take it you've been exploring the API section, but you might have overlooked the Components one. In particular, this page on 3D Printer has a list of all its functions, as well as their short descriptions - check it out!

As for the components not present on the wiki (added by various addons) or just for the in-game quick reference, you could easily use @payonel's method, too. ^_^

Did it help?

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