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Cell - A graphical file manager for OpenComputers

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Cell is a graphical file manager for OpenComputers that allows you to browse files and open them in other programs, such as the editor or simply running .lua files.


You can also customize what programs can be used to open files through the programs.cfg file.


  • Browsing files/directories
    • Select files/directories by clicking on them in the panel on the right side of the screen
    • If a directory contains a large amount of files or sub-directories, use the arrow buttons to scroll through pages
    • To go up a sub-directory, click the up arrow
    • To change directory to a sub-directory, select the sub-directory, and click on "Open..." in the options panel (bottom left)
  • Using programs
    • Select file/directory
    • Select an option from the options panel (Run, Edit, Delete, etc.)
  • Creating files/sub-directories
    • Navigate to the directory where the file/sub-directory will be created
    • Select "New File..."/"New Directory..." from the functions panel (top left)
    • A prompt for the name will appear at the bottom of the screen. Enter the name for the file/directory
  • Adding programs
    • Open the programs.cfg file in the editor
    • Add a new line for your program
      • Warning: The syntax for the programs.cfg is very strict, and will not accept extra spaces/empty lines
    • Enter this info separated by semicolons:
      1. Program name
      2. Text for the options menu
      3. File types (separated by commas, for all files put "all", for directories put "dir", for specific file types, put the extension including the ".")
      4. Command that runs the program ("?file?" is a wildcard for the selected file/directory)
      5. Additional options (separated by commas, does not require semicolon or comma at the end)
        1. "s" prevents Cell from erasing the screen before running the program
    • For example, the line that add the editor is: 
      OpenOS Editor;Edit...;all;edit ?file?;


Minimum Requirements:

  • Tier 2 Graphics Card
  • Tier 2 Screen
  • Tier 1 CPU
  • 2x Tier 1 Memory
    • Internet card only required for installation

To install, run 

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Elektron72/Cell/master/installer.lua installer.lua

At the prompt, enter the path where Cell should be installed.

Since this is currently in beta, report bugs at https://github.com/Elektron72/Cell

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