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  Hello, I would need a program that always me to control fluxgates from Draconic Evaluation so Me and a Team can build a town based energy system. The system should include a way to edit the output of a flux gate and to see how many fluxgates is setup( there will be probably around 30 fluxgates) it would be good if you can select a fluxgate and then edit how much energy is transferred.


 Monitor the fluxgates and how much they output 

can edit the fluxgates

set each fluxgate different


 There is no deadline but it would be good if it would not take to long


Additional Information:

there is no limit from the use of resources it only should be makable in survival.

 Simply ask me if you have other questions

can the program be sent over a text document so i could upload it on Pastebin or if the program could upload it on Pastebin would be ok


additional information Optional

if you can add a system that allows to pay for the energy that would be good

         it would need to have a currency for example coins and per 1 diamond you would get 5 coins

         it would need a system that can pay the energy per week real time

        it would need a system that changes diamonds to coins

but this is only if the program like to make it


I hope some can help me with this.


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I like this idea.. 
Only "problem" i see so far, is the payment system. 
It would need to see what player has which fluxgate, and deposit the coins into that fluxgate. but i dont know if OC can recognize a player. 
And instead of doing diamond to coins, and coins to RF (i think thats what you are trying at least) 
Why not go directly from Diamonds to RF? 

or does coins only give a certain amount of time, instead of RF? 

If you have Thermal expansion, you could even expand on that coin idea, as it can make coins. 


once i figure out how to run multiple functions/routines at the same time, i might actually give this a shot :)

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