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Terminal Servers And Remote Terminals


Beating my head against a brick wall on this one. 

Playing with HermitPack 1.1.0 (SMP) on MC1.10.2 with OC


For the life of me, I cannot get a remote terminal to do anything except provide a blank screen. 


I have a T3 server with a T2 APU in my rack. I also have a terminal server also in the same rack.

When I click the terminal server with the remote terminal, the blue icon on the terminal server indicates it's paired.



When I power up the server, I see nothing at all on the remote terminal. The remote terminal has the little prompt icon on the held entity, but as soon as you activate it, the screen that appears is blank.



This is really frustrating. It's my first time playing with OC on a MC1.10.2 release. I'd previously been playing on MC1.7.x without issues on a heavily modified (and upgraded) ResonantRise pack that I'd manually been updating the mods to latest "stable" versions. Had no issues with OC then, but also didn't have the Terminal Server as a separate item. Could previously just link the remote terminal directly to a server.

Is there a way to get this functionality back in the interim? Or anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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I had an issue with this as well. It's not well documented. Once it's connected add another normal server running whatever OS (ex. OpenOS) and connect them both to the same side of the rack.


If that's not it then powercycle the primary server.


Finally try with all cables connected via the bottom.


That last one should make no difference

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