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Everything posted by melanchol_69

  1. VEB For Banks - V0.1.0-V0.1.2 Released I have released these versions of VEB For Banks to my Github Repository at https://github.com/melanchol69/veboffices.com just look under releases or in the Wiki
  2. 4. It's not until you connect to the internet in opencomputers that you realize minecraft is actually not doing security very well. (Sun Certificate Error)
  3. Do you have an install floppy available, like with the scripts and stuff to install offline?
  4. VEB OS Construction has officially started The roadmap can be viewed here under my repository: https://github.com/melanchol69/veboffices.com/blob/main/roadmap.md The first released VEB OS Product will be VEB CMOS for your eeprom
  5. How would you feel about the OS having well, an activation system?
  6. Ohh, I forgot to mention, it will be on github as a zip folder which's contents you can add to a specified filesystem folder in your savegame
  7. I shall try my hardest to make it fancy and nice, however it will not be hosted on pastebin, it will be a manual download.
  8. I have created a Mockup of a Potential Operating System for OpenComputers 1.8.x, this OS is based off of the SharePoint and DOS 5 styles. Here are some designs: If you would like to see this become a real OS in OC, please reply.
  9. I think it is modem now since modem_message wont parse on OC 1.8.x
  10. Do you guys have a discord server for players, I would love to find out more!
  11. Since raids are well, 3 drives anyway, you might do better just programming a bunch of servers to replicate the files across 3 drives and then stack a cubic ton of these serves and make up a datacenter.
  12. I want to add a laptop into opencomputers, which is basically a tablet you can put down and I want to add some new Components too with their own features. Where do I start?
  13. I think I uploaded Rough Diamond to my Github, however you will have to import it to a Floppy Disk yourself, I don't feel comfortable making a program that rips from pastebin for security. https://github.com/melanchol69/VEB-For-Banks/tree/VEB_For_Banks-V0.1.0-Rough_Diamond To install it, make a floppy disk in game, add a random file to it and save the file, then go back to the main menu. After that, open the world directory and find the address of the floppy disk under the oc folder, insert the contents of the zip folder into the disk and then go back into your world, change you
  14. VEB For Banks is a yet to be released Banking Program for OpenComputers, it runs on low tier computers but works best with a tier 2 screen. The Program allows you to manage bank accounts and transactions as well as record player banking activity over time. It has an install wizard and is quite automated so u wont need to know much about programming for it to work. Computer Requirements: Basic Components OpenOS (Lua 5x) Recommended: Tier 2 Components Tier 2 Screen and Graphics Card OpenOS (Lua 5x) Feel free to add comments, I would love recommendations
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