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Everything posted by coarse_d1rtxxx.2111

  1. Known bugs (I may update this list with new comments): Special colours (comments for ex.) will be forgotten if their corresponding character is offscreen (this was really funny the first time I found this). Tabulations are written to the screen as "HT", are not highlighted when selected, and cannot be added in. Suggested additions: A way to change the colours associated with keywords without going through the code and changing it (maybe in the config file?)
  2. I am trying to make a "Press any key to continue" for both Plan9k and OpenOS in OpenComputers. I need something like: local term = require("term") term.clear() io.write("Page 1 of text\n") -- system("pause") term.clear() io.write("Page 2 of text\n") but where "system("pause")" is I need to put a Lua function for Plan9k/OpenOS and not a C function for Windows.
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