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  1. that would be nice. can you do that please PS. Sorry i couldn't post for awhile i got overwelmed by school
  2. What I Trying to say is there a way to put lots of info from floppies on to a computer and have it organized
  3. I Think that lua is hard to understand and maybe they can make a simpler program if you ask me
  4. With my last ? answered I was wondering if i could put this info on 1 computer so i could have all my info stored on 1 computer for further usage If there is a program or simple instructions out there let me know
  5. Quick followup ?. How do you get the document on to a floppy
  6. What do i type in the computer
  7. does a document program exist for opencomputers because i want to use floppy disks to contain documents like a flash drive. Does such a Program exist if not could the modders add it in in the next 1.6.4 update please. Thanks, ghostrider2539 Update: Its kinda like the computercraft write program
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